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  • Weather mapping sensor that adds storm avoidance capability to many modern multi-function displays (MFD)
  • Interfaces with most popular MFDs thereby integrating lightning detection and avoidance information along with navigation and other data that MFD outputs
  • Up to 200 nautical mile range
  • Pilot selectable strike and cell modes
  • Display of airspace in 120 forward and 360 surrounding views
  • Heading stabilization
  • Stores lightning data on all ranges simultaneously
  • Strike rate indicator
  • Built-in self tests

  • Common MFD interfaces include: Arnav MFD-5200 MFD
    Bendix/King KMD-550 MFD
    Bendix/King KMD-850 MFD
    Garmin GNC-420 GPS/Comm
    Garmin GNS-430 GPS/Nav/Comm
    Garmin GNS-530 GPS/Nav/Comm
    Garmin GNC-420 GPS/Comm
    UPS Aviation MX-20 MFD

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Temperature Range: 0-55C (display/processor)
-55 to 70C (antenna)
Altitude: 25000 ft. max (display/processor)
25000 ft. max (antenna)
Weight: 1.56 lb (display/processor)
.92 lb (antenna)
Size: 3.37"W x 3.37"H x 7.55"L (display/processor)
1.00"H x 3.45"W x 6.85"L (antenna)
Power Requirements: 10.5-32VDC input, 8W max Display Range: 25,50,100 nmi
TSO: C110a RTCA: DO-160B
B4-CA(PKSABMNO)XXXXXXZ(AB)A(AZ)ZAB (display/processor)

Part Number Stormscope Description:
805-11500-001 Remote Processor Unit
805-10930-001 NY-163 antenna (white)
805-10930-002 Alternate NY-163 antenna (black)
817-11500-001 Installation Kit
803-10950-001 Optional Antenna Cable (25 ft.)
803-10950-002 Optional Antenna Cable (50 ft.)
803-10950-003 Optional Antenna Cable (75 ft.)
803-10950-004 Standard Antenna Cable (6 ft.)
803-10950-005 Optional Antenna Cable (12 ft.)