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Southeast Aerospace designed installation kits and is installing the AAR-47 and ALE-47 missile warning...
S-61 Medium-lift Helicopter Installation
Southeast Aerospace designed installation kits and installed the AAR-47 and ALE-47 missile warning...
UH-60P Blackhawk Helicopter Installation
Southeast Aerospace was recently contracted to participate in a special mission US government agency project.
UH-1N Helicopter Installation
Southeast Aerospace recently completed an extensive avionics installation kit project in connection with the Argentine Air Force.
Bell 212 Helicopter Kits & Equipment
Southeast Aerospace recently completed a Garmin retrofit of a BO-105 helicopter.
Eurocopter BO-105 Installation
Other Installs

Southeast Aerospace offers the highest quality avionics installations for a wide range of aircraft. From single engine GA aircraft to corporate jets, Southeast Aerospace has the experienced personnel and workmanship to perform even the most complex avionics installations.
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Mike Schooley
Dir. Aircraft Modifications

Rob Reed
Mgr. Aircraft Modifications

Rob Truglia
Aircraft Modification Sales Associate

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Class A TAWS Install Requirements

Class B TAWS Install Requirements

RVSM Install Requirements
Southeast Aerospace is committed to doing the job the right way with no corners cut or strings attached. That is, we are driven to deliver what every customer expects every time.
Uncompromised Quality and Committment
Attention to Detail and Customer Service
Aircraft owners can be assured that their aircraft is handled with the utmost attention to detail and handling.

All aircraft installations are performed and maintained in Southeast Aerospace's secure and clean hangar at all times.

Professional, courteous personnel are always available to answer any questions customers may have during the installation process.
SEA Avionics Kits - Expand Your Capabilities
Southeast Aerospace has dedicated a portion of the installation department to avionics kit production. SEA has developed a multitude of ready-to-install avionics kits that allow for installation of even the most complex systems to be installed in virtually any location.

SEA has designed, engineered, and shipped kits such as TAWS, TCAS, HF, and Radar systems for aircraft such as Cessna, CASA, Metro, Beechcraft, Learjet, and more.

Southeast Aerospace, Inc. (SEA) has been established as a Production Approval Holder (PAH) by obtaining a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) from the FAA. Southeast Aerospace is currently manufacturing a SatCom installation kit for all Learjet 30 series aircraft. With PAH status and in-house engineering capabilities, Southeast Aerospace plans on delivering PMA'd installation kits for a wide variety of avionics retrofits.

The kits are complete with all parts and documents needed for a fast, efficient, and seamless installation. Kits include system components, machine stamped wiring harnesses, complete installation instructions, and engineering prints. In addition, appropriate FAA 337 and Flight Manual Supplement forms are provided.

For more information on SEA's PMA'd avionics kit, please contact Mike Schooley or Rob Reed.

Some examples of completed kits include:

  • Cessna 172

  • Hawker Beechcraft C90

  • Bell 206B Rotorcraft

  • Bell 212 Helicopter

  • Bell 412, Bell 214; MD-530

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The Right Location
While your aircraft is at our facility for installation, aircraft owners can take advantage of the multitude of great attractions that Central Florida has to offer.

From superb beaches to excellent golfing to theme parks, our location has something for everyone.

Click here for a list of attractions near Southeast Aerospace.

Conveniently coordinate your aircraft down-time with your next family or personal vacation.

Our goal is to make the installation process as seamless, convenient and comfortable for the aircraft owner. Quite simply, our installlation quality speaks for itself. Please call today to experience the difference!
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