• High Frequency Communications System typically consisting of KAC-952 antenna coupler, KTR-953 receiver/exciter and digital DZUS mount KCU-951 CDU
  • KCU-951 control may be substituted for compact, smaller KFS-594 control when used with KA-594 Adapter
  • Gas discharge readouts display all frequencies and preset channel numbers
  • Has 99 pilot programmable channels
  • Provides direct access to frequencies from 2 to 30 MHz (280,000 frequencies)
  • Models available with Selective Calling (SELCAL) capability (see table below)
  • 150 watts SSB, 35 watts AM
  • Antenna coupler (KAC-952) models available with explosion proof casing and external tuning capability (see table below)
  • KCU-951 model available with black or gray face plates
  • Photocell adjusts brightness of display
  • Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) capability when used configured with KCU-1051, KTR-953 (-61), and KAC-952 (-11/12)
  • Adapters available for various HF installations and antenna usage - see KA-158, KA-160, KA-161, KA-162
  • Commonly used with KIT-950 Long Wire HF Antenna Kit

  • **Note: For more details on the components in this system, please reference the above individual links**

  • May be configured in single or dual system configuration (see below)