Image shown is KT-70 due to similarities in appearance between units.
  • Digital Panel Mounted Transponder with Mode A/C capability
  • Solid State
  • 4 knobs for code selection
  • Suitable for altiudes up to 50000 feet
  • Pilot-programmable easy-to-read, gas discharge display includes adjustments for dimming time and brightness levels
  • Display shows selected code and encoded altitude
  • Mode annunciator and reply indicator
  • Pushbutton VFR code
  • Remote-Ident switching
  • Self-test capability
  • Similar to KT-70 but DOES NOT include Mode S (Select) capability
  • TSO'd
  • Silver Crown Plus and CNI5000 version available (see table below)
  • As of 8/31/06, this unit is no longer manufactured by Honeywell
Size: 6.25"W x 1.63"H x 10.0"L Weight: 3.90 lbs.
TSO: C74c, DO-181, DO-178A, DO-160B Temperature: -20 to +55C
Altitude: 50000 feet Display: Digital, Gas Discharged
Power Requirements: 11-33VDC, 35 W max Output Power: 200 watts peak pulse, minimum

Part Number Digital Transponder Description
066-01141-5101 Silver Crown Version
066-01141-5201 Silver Crown Plus version with backlit bezel
066-01141-6101 CNI5000 version with 5V lighting but no bezel; used with CNI5000 integrated avionics package