• Panel mounted Dual Communcations Transceiver
  • Dual 720 channel communications frequency selectors
  • Automatic squelch
  • 5 watts minimum power output
  • Independent on-off switches and volume controls
  • 14 volt operation but can be operated on 28 volt with KA-39 voltage converter
  • Similar in size, style, and appearance as KX-170 series radios
  • European (E) version available with different receiver selectivity (see details and table below)
TSO Compliance: COMM Transmit: C37b (DO-110, Class II); COMM Receive: C38b (DO-109); Environmental: DAPBAAXXXXXX Dimensions: 6.32W" x 2.60"H x 14.15"L
Weight: 6.0 lbs. Frequency Range: 118.000 to 135.975 with 25kHz spacing
Frequency Stability: +-0.003% VHF Power Output: 5 watts min., 50 ohm load
Modulation: 85% modulation capability with 90% limiting, less than 15% distortion at 80% modulation Sidetone: Adjustable up to 4mw into 500 ohm headphone
Duty Cycle: 1 minute on, 4 minutes off (20%) Receiver Sensitivity: 1.5uv (soft) will provide a 6db minimum signal plus noise to noise ratio
Receiver Selectivity: Typical 6db at +-8kHz, 70db at +-25kHz; Typical 6db at +-15KHz, 65db at +-50KHz (E version) Spurious Responses: Down at least 60db
Auxiliary Audio Inputs: Two 500 ohms with 30db isolation between any two Intercom Inputs One Intercom Microphone Input
Frequency Responses: Within 6db from 350Hz to 2500Hz Headphone Output: 50mw into 500 ohm
Speaker Output: 4.5V rms into auxiliary input produces 5 watts audio output

Part Number : Dual Communications Transceiver Description:
069-1021-00 Basic version with details as explained above
069-1021-01 E version with different receiver selectivity as above