• Radar altimeter indicator used in AA-300 system
  • Designed for helicopter use with a max range of 1500 feet and expaned scale from 0-200 feet
  • Servo-driven pointer displays
  • Provides DH bus output based on DH bug setting
  • DH output is grounded at and below the DH altitude selected and may be used to drive audible warning device or annunciator to alert the pilot
  • Interchangeable with RA-315 Helicopter version
  • Pilot Activated Self Test (PAST) button to verify system operation
  • Bezel available in black or gray color (see table below)
  • Lighting available in 5 or 28 VDC blue/white (see table below)
Dimensions: 3.27"W x 3.27"H x 4.50"D Weight: 1.5 lbs.
TSO: C-87, RTCA DO-160 Power Requirements: 28VDC
Temperature: -25C to 55C Altitude: 50000 ft.

Part Number Radar Altimeter Indicator Description:
7000839-904 Black bezel, 0-1500, 5V AC/DC blue-white lighting
7000839-905 Black bezel, 0-1500, 28V AC/DC blue-white lighting
7000839-923 Black bezel, 0-2500, 5V AC/DC NVIS Green "A" lighting