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As published by AEA.net on 8/12/14 –

FAA_sealIn a very public win, the Federal Aviation Administration published its final rule that dropped the changes to the repair station rating system and retained only the authority to deny an application for a new repair station certificate if the applicant or certain associated key individuals had materially contributed to the circumstances that caused a previous repair station certificate revocation action.

The rule also adds a new section prohibiting fraudulent or intentionally false entries or omissions of material facts in any application, record or report made under the repair station rules.

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SEA’s Thoughts

The most important aspect of this announcement is that the more drastic proposed changes were not accepted. The proposed changes would have had a significant effect on the way many repair stations do business. Growth and industry advancement is very important, but making sure it is advancement and not a distraction or hindrance is even more important.

As the AEA points out in the article linked above, over 230 comments were received stating serious concerns with the proposal changes. The majority of the commentators recognized that system of ratings is outdated, but there was general dissatisfaction with the proposed new system of ratings and transition process.

Although the FAA Repair Station system updates need to be addressed, perhaps less drastic measures will be proposed in the future.

SEA is excited to see what the future of aviation holds & looks forward to many more years of providing excellent products and services. For more information on SEA products and services, please visit www.SEAerospace.com.

SEA Announced as Blue Sky Reseller

Southeast Aerospace (SEA), located in Melbourne Florida, has been selected as an authorized Blue Sky Network reseller.

bluesky-logoBlue Sky Network is a main supplier of satellite ACH1000 tracking and communication solutions for the aviation, land mobile and marine industries. Their solutions leverage the power of the Iridium satellite network to deliver reliable GPS tracking, voice, two-way messaging, and asset monitoring for improved fleet management. With more than 10 years in satellite tracking and communication, the Blue Sky Network solutions range from fully installed to hand-held devices.

Blue Sky Aviation Products:

A cloud-based web portal designed and operated by Blue Sky Network that provides tracking and managing of globally dispersed assets from the any internet-connected device without having to invest in additional hardware or software. Includes: Polygonal & Radial Geo-Fencing, Flight Plan & Mapping Tools, Direct Email & Messaging, and much more.

ach1000Cockpit Control Panel with Audio/Voice/Messaging for D1000A or D1000C. Integrated Audio & Messaging – ACH1000 control head is easily panel installed and integrates with the on-board intercom system. Allows pilot or co-pilot to easily dial or receive calls directly through the headset, or receive and short code messages from the display.

d1000aFAA-Certified Iridium SATCOM tracking & voice communication – The D1000A enables optimized fleet utilization through extensive reporting capabilities and backend analysis tools. Same as the D1000C with the addition of a ½ ATI control head, quick position mayday alert button, and messaging.

d1000cLike the D1000A, the D1000C offers FAA-certified Iridium global satellite tracking from a fixed installed device. The D1000C offers the same overall tracking functionality, including the ability to add the optional ACH1000 control head for cockpit audio/voice and in-dash messaging functionality.

HawkEye Link      
hawkeyeBluetooth connection to Iridium network via D1000 series, see Iridium messages on smartphones & tablets, 2 way communication, including email, and integrates into iPad or Android Electronic Flight Bag.

HawkEye PT       
hawkeyeptPortable SATCOM Tracking – rugged handheld tracker with global coverage through the Iridium satellite network, the tracker delivers worldwide tracking, communications, and safety for assets and personnel. Data is transmitted to the SkyRouter web portable for online monitoring and management. Includes: 2-way messaging, high-res color LCD screen & on-screen keyboard.

HawkEye PT Plus    
hawkeyeptplusDual-Mode & Touchscreen – provides dual-mode (GSM & Iridium Satellite) global tracking of any asset directly from the SkyRouter web portal as well as cost-effective data services. Includes: 2-way messaging, quick response button, and free-form messaging. Touchscreen provides easier and faster control vs the standard HawkEye PT.

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Email: sales@seaerospace.com | Telephone: 321-255-9877 | Website: www.seaerospace.com