Garmin Makes Major New Product Announcements

Garmin has once again taken the aviation world by surprise providing new, exciting products and updates to existing products that make sense, help pilots, and invigorate the market. Below is a list of some highlights of the announcements:

FLIGHT STREAM 510 Garmin 510.PNG

The new Flight Stream 510 will revolutionize how Garmin users manage databases with wireless technology.

The Flight Stream 510 is an SD card with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. The card installs into the existing card slot of the GTN series units and updates the databases throughout the cockpit between GTN units as well as G500/600 glass displays. Other added features of the Flight Stream 510 include two-way flight plan transfer between GTN 650/750, sharing of traffic, weather, GPS info, back-up attitude info,
and text messaging though a compatible mobile device.

The Flight Stream 510 will be available in early August for a list price of $1495. Normal terms and conditions of Garmin Dealer Installation Policy apply.


Garmin GTN 560

Improving on an already powerful, capable product, Garmin announced new, expanded features for the popular GTN 650/750 touchscreen navigators.

New features include:

•Voice command control: Over 300 spoken commands at the push of a button through the GMA 35/350 auto speech recognition
•Pinch to Zoom Interface: Similar to features on smartphones or tablets; zoom in/out on pages now with this feature
•Flight Stream 510 capability: Incorporate wireless technology into your aircraft with software update and the Flight Stream 510
•Text & Voice Call Control: Also with Flight Stream 510 and update, users can pair to an Apple mobile device for text and voice via GSR 56 datalink

Also additions with the software update include radio availability during power-up before engine start, flight track vectors, clear-all function, and pilot selectable SafeTaxi diagram descriptions.


New, more cost effective options are now being given to Garmin users through Garmin’s new OnePak Database bundling.

OnePak bundles allow customers to download datbases to multiple Garmin avionics and portables for one low price. Now updates for the GTN 650/750 as well as GNS 430W/530W range from a single update of $129 to an annual subscription of just $299. Bundle updates including all data (nav, obstacles & terrain) range from $449 to $649 for annual subscriptions. In addition, OnePak can cover your entire Garmin avionics package in your aircraft for one low price. From $649 to $924 including FliteCharts.

Garmin has not only made the database updating process easy but very affordable now.


Garmin Rebates

In addition to announcing new products and updates, Garmin is offering big savings on ADS-B products and other product packages. Some of these special offers include:

•Up to $2000 savings on various Garmin products when purchased with an ADS-B product such as the GTX 335/345, GDL 84/88 or GTX-330/33ES
•GTN 625 / GTX345R package for $9940 List or Aera 660 / GTX345 package for $6195 List
•$500 Off List Price for the GDL 84/88 series ADS-B products
•$100-$200 seminar bucks during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
For complete details on any of these products or special offers, please contact Southeast Aerospace today.

ADS-B… How Long Will You Wait? The Data Does Not Lie


The year 2020 is rapidly approaching and the ADS-B mandate is not going away. All aircraft flying in controlled airspace will be required to be equipped with ADS-B Out equipment. As with every mandate, as time draws closer to the deadline, installation openings dry up and schedules become tighter. As we all know, fewer options usually equals higher costs in the end. ADS-B hardware prices seem to have leveled off for now and we do not see them decreasing in price anytime soon. There are only a limited number of places to get a properly certified ADS-B installation in relation to the number of aircraft needing ADS-B installation. There are certain factors in an ADS-B installation that an average A&P mechanic cannot and should not handle.


Recently Woodrow Bellamy III did a case study for Avionics Magazine showing how many aircraft have been equipped, are being equipped currently, and how many could be remaining by 2020. At the current rate which installations are being completed this case study predicts the following: There will still be 1,818 commercial aircraft still requiring ADS-B Out avionics upgrades to fly in the NAS and 59,150 GA aircraft that operators will need to equip upgrade for ADS-B Out. More info from this case study can be found at:


Time marches on as 2016 is already more than halfway over. Qualified avionics shops only have a finite amount of space in their hangars to take on the massive amount of aircraft that will need to be upgraded. Many incentives have been presented to aircraft owners from shops, OEMs, and even the FAA. The numbers don’t lie, read them for yourself. Wait more and you will pay more as 2020 draws closer day by day. We highly recommend contacting your local avionics shop to make sure you will be ready for the 2020 mandate.