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“A League of Their Own Southeast Aerospace” an article in the November 2013 edition of ROTORCRAFT PRO magazine. Article and video by Lyn Burks.

SEA had the privilege of being interviewed by Lyn Burks, Editor in Chief of Rotorcraft Pro. The article appears in this month’s edition, November 2013. You can read the full article on the Rotorcraft Pro, Online Issue website.

Here’s a short excerpt from the article:

Back in 2011, an interesting movie was released name Moneyball. The movie was based on the story of Oakland A’s general manager, Billy Beane. His former General Manager (GM), Sandy Anderson, mentored him in the art of sabermetrics (statistical analysis). In turn, Beane successfully assembled a lower-budget team based on emerging prospects and undervalued veterans that consistently performed. Most other Major League Baseball teams during this time were interested in high-priced superstars that may or may not have consistently produced. One theme I noticed throughout the movie was consistent, well-placed singles beat a few home runs every time.

Recently Rotorcraft Pro had the opportunity to visit Southeast Aerospace (SEA) in Melbourne, Florida. During our time with company Vice President Joe Braddock and the SEA employees, one could not help but notice the overwhelming presence of the values and traditions this great country was founded on: integrity, ingenuity, hard work and craftsmanship.

When asked about their business philosophy, Joe was eager to share they are there for their customers whether the job is big or small. He related it to baseball, “We don’t mind hitting lots of singles along with an occasional home run.”

Now, let’s round the bases for the rest of the story……..
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