New Product Spotlight: L3’s Lynx NGT-9000

Still haven’t decided which solution you want to go with to become compliant with the FAA’s 2020 ADS-B mandate? L3’s Lynx NGT-9000 ADS-B transponder just made that choice alot easier for you. The NGT-9000 was designed as a form-fit replacement for your legacy transponder. With it’s state-of-the-art touchscreen technology you can quickly display traffic, weather, and terrain information.

Additional Features:

  • Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder with intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Dual-mode 1090ES ADS-B Out plus 1090 and 978 ADS-B In
  • Designed for 14 V and 28 V installations
  • Patented Lynx Tail provides flight ID, aircraft type and ground speed data of other ADS-B traffic
  • Internal rule-compliant position source (WAAS/GPS)
  • Moving maps, including TFRs, airport databases and NOTAMs
  • Subscription-free ADS-B graphical and textual weather, including NEXRAD, METARs, Winds & Temps Aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs
  • ADS-B traffic (ADS-B, ADS-R and TIS-B) with option for the  L-3 NextGlynx-ngten Active Traffic enablement
  • Faceplate data port for maintenance personnel access to set up menus, software updates and option enablements via laptop
  • MFD and PFD interface to show traffic and weather data on compatible cockpit displays
  • Options available for active traffic, antenna diversity and PED (iPad) Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Now with Software 2.1, expected to begin shipping early 2017 per AML STC revisions
  • SW 2.1 adds additional featuers:
    • ADS-B Aural Traffic Alerting (ATAS) Improvements
    • Stormscope® WX-500 Interface
    • TerrainVision™ Enablement
    • VFR Button Removal for SFR Operators
    • Dual Transponder Installations

The L3 Lynx NGT-9000 is truly a one box solution for your ADS-B needs. For more information and pricing and availability, please visit:



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