SEA Tech Talk

Continuing with our series of avionics technical topics that we’ve encountered during the week, we cover an ongoing support issue with the RDR-1400 radar system.

IN-2025BRDR-1400 Radar Support Decreasing

Support for the Telephonics (formerly Bendix) RDR-1400 radar system has become an issue.  Over the past few years, one of the main subassemblies that fails in the system (the High Voltage Power Supply or HVPS) has become increasingly difficult to obtain.  Recently, it has been discovered that this HVPS will no longer be available at all.  Therefore, units (especially IN-2025 series indicators) with a power supply failure are not repairable.  Unfortunately, there is not a direct upgrade or replacement path for this system.

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  1. Esteban Corbo Reply

    The most common failure that I saw in the HVPS module would be that a capacitor was damaged at the output of the triplicator and some resistors overheated and ended up melting the plastic casing. This failure sometimes occurred in flight and terrified pilots when they saw smoke rise from the dashboard. Some HVPS modules could be repaired by changing those components and then sealing everything again with silicone.

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