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It’s time for “Forms” standardization!

How much time do you or someone else at your company spend filling out audit forms and questionnaires relating to quality assurance or certifications and so on?

Lost In PaperworkWhether it be a requirement for FAA, ISO, or some other regulatory agency, the distribution and completion of forms has turned into an everyday full-time position for some companies. So where does it top off?  How many more QA or QC forms can we generate or think of?  It would be hypocritical for me not to mention that SEA has its own set of vendor qualification forms that we ask vendors to complete and return. As much as we try to follow a standard, the reality is that there is no overall standard for these forms.

In this month’s edition of Helicopter Maintenance, author Larry Jackson writes about the challenges of vendor audit paperwork and proposes a generic FAA form that the entire aviation community can accept. Read the article to learn more and join Jackson’s cause to simplify Vendor Audit paperwork processes.

As the author Larry Jackson indicates, different forms in different formats being returned to a variety of companies and agencies in a variety of countries can be very time consuming after all is said and done.  Everyone knows the meaning and reason for these forms. Or, do we? I wonder sometimes if people even read the forms they submit or the responses they receive. As Jackson says, many of the questions some people are asking on these forms do not relate to the people they are asking them to. Electronic communication and impersonal correspondence have made it so easy for people to just send forms without knowing what they are asking for. Meanwhile, someone on the other end has to read 10-20 pages and figure out if and how to respond.

As stated in this article – “we can do a better job”. The “forms” standards and practices need to be updated and tweaked so we all can get back to doing our real jobs!

SOURCE: Jackson, Larry. “Vendor Audits – Is There a Better Answer?.” Helicopter Maintenance. April / May 2014: Pages 34-35.


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