SEA Delivers NorthStar Aviation 407MRH

NorthStar Aviation 407MRH State of the Art Mission Equipment Package

Southeast Aerospace recently delivered the 22nd of 30 heavily modified Bell-407GX aircraft to NorthStar Aviation LLC. After modification, the helicopters, designated as the NSA 407MRH aircraft, are used as a light attack and armed reconnaissance platform by a foreign military customer. Systems include Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Mission Systems and Communications upgrades.  The modifications are being completed at SEA’s facilities in Melbourne, Florida.

SEA design includes:

•    Digital Audio/ICS
•    IFF Transponder
•    Electronic Standby Instrument
•    Iridium Tracker
•    Radio Altimeter
•    Stores Management System
•    Mission Management System
•    EO/IR Sensor
•    Video Downlink
•    TACAN
•    NVIS Modifications
•    Composite Mission Doors
•    Composite Driveshaft Cover
•    ELT

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NorthStar 407MRH at IDEX

407Movie-PosterNorthStar Aviation showcased its 407MRH multi-role helicopter at IDEX. Unveiled at the Quad-A conference last May, the 407MRH is a Bell 407GX modified with sensors and weapons capability to perform a number of ISR and light attack roles. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi and owned by a member of that emirate’s royal family, NorthStar developed the 407MRH at its facility in Florida with collaboration from Southeast Aerospace. For more information about SEA’s participation on this project, please contact