Introducing the Artex ELT 1000 by ACR

Artex ELT 1000

Introducing the new Artex ELT 1000 by ACR. A value-priced, single antenna output 406 ELT with internal GPS interface. The new ELT1000 offers the following enhanced features:

• Compact, modern design; lightweight
• Single antenna output for both 406 and 121.5 MHz frequencies
• Built-in GPS interface that does not require aircraft power
• New 2-wire remote switch
• Stainless steel mounting strap that meets the latest FAA TSO standards
• Easy retrofit for 90% of existing ELTs with improved mounting plate

Single Output
GPS Interface
Remote Switch
Stainless Steel Strap
Mounting Plate

Why choose Artex?

• Fully designed, manufactured, supported in the USA
• Standard ELT for many aircraft OEMs such as Boeing, Gulfstream, Bell, and Embraer
• Worldwide network of support via dealers, distributors, and service centers
• Proven quality and reputation

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