Artex 406MHz ELT Programming Information for B406, C406, G406 series ELTs

The emergency locator transmitter you have requested contains a 406MHz transmitter. To properly program this ELT we need some additional information. You will also need information from us to ensure that the ELT is properly installed and registered.

ELT Identification Code:
Every ELT containing a 406MHz transmitter is programmed to transmit a unique ELT identification code, otherwise known as a hex code. This hex code contains information that identifies the aircraft’s country of registration, and ELT or aircraft identification. This hex code must be registered with the proper government authorities in the aircraft’s registered country. When the hex code is transmitted to satellite, it is relayed to a rescue coordination center. The rescue coordination center will decode the hex code, cross-reference the registration, and initiate the search and rescue process. Warning: Unregistered transmitters may cause search and rescue processing delays.

Country of Registry:
Contained in the hex code is a country identification code. The country identification code must correspond with the country the aircraft is registered to. Each country maintains a database to identify the hex code with the owner of the aircraft. To properly program the ELT, we must know the name of the country where the aircraft is registered. If you are installing an Artex Nav Interface and using 24 Bit Address protocol, the country name is still desired so we can provide the applicable registration forms.

Artex Nav Interface:
The Nav Interface allows your ELT to receive and transmit position data from an aircraft navigation source, and automatically program the ELT hex code to the aircraft’s 24 bit address. The 24-Bit Address is usually the ICAO 8-digit octal code used by a Mod S Transponder. The auto programming function of the Nav Interface allows fleet operators to move the ELT to other aircraft. When the ELT is installed in a different aircraft, the Nav Interface will automatically reprogram the ELT for the new aircraft’s 24-bit address.

Special Requirements:
Some countries have special requirements for hex code programming: block number, aircraft identification number, etc. If you are aware of these requirements and have this information please provide it on provided space.

Once the ELT is installed on an aircraft, it is the responsibility of the ELT owner to register the ELT with the proper governing authority. If you do not know where to register the ELT, you may contact us for registration support.

Person of Contact:
To ensure that your ELT is properly programmed, it may be necessary for us to contact you for further information. Please provide us with the name and phone/fax/email of a person we can contact for additional information.

Fill in all of the requested information on the applicable form that follows.

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