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Q3 2020 Newsletter

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SEA FANS 1/A+, CPDLC STC for Citation 560(V), Encore & Ultra

Southeast Aerospace announces the completion of a new STC, ST00174MC for Citation 560 (V), Encore, and Ultra aircraft.

Originally developed for the United States Military UC-35 aircraft, the STC brings FANS 1/A+ & CPDLC capability, international internet connectivity, a new cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder combo unit (CVFDR) and more to the Citation 560 (V), Encore, & Ultra.

FANS 1/A+ and CPDLC capability is accomplished through the use of Universal Avionics Corp UNS 1EspW FMS’, UL 801 VDL Mode 2 datalink, the CVFDR-145R, and the Cobham Aviator 300D with an Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA-5001). International cabin voice and internet connectivity is provided through the Aviator 300D using the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satellite constellation. The new STC also includes Wifi activation utilizing the Avionica avWiFi wireless router.

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Structural mounting of all new equipment including the IGA-5001, using a SEA designed and manufactured contour plate, is included in the STC. SEA has received FAA PMA to construct all parts and kits required to perform the modification in its entirety.

SEA is presently offering the complete or partial use of this STC on business aviation Citation 560 Ultra and Encore aircraft. Please contact Luke Gomoll, or 321-255-9877 Ext. 242 for more information.

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Brazilian Validation Approval on Part 25 & 29 ADS-B STCs

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SEA has received Brazilian Validation (ANAC) approval of both their ADS-B Part 25 & Part 29 AML STCs. SEA is pleased to offer these solutions to the Brazilian civil aviation market as flexible and affordable ADS-B solutions to facilitate continued flight in US airspace due to the January 1st 2020 FAA mandate.

The Part 25 ADS-B STC #ST00835DE is available for non-TCAS II aircraft needing to meet the mandate for around $50,000 installed. This convenient and cost effective ADS-B solution consists of dual Garmin transponders GTX-3X5R and Gables G7614/G7534 control head.

SEA's Part 29 ADS-B STC #SR00925DE is available for non-TCAS II, legacy Part 29 helicopters utilizing a Gables G7614 Control Head, a remote Garmin GTX-3X5R or panel mounted GTX3X5. The remote mount feature offers the customer ease of installation with existing XPDR controllers installed.

STC's can be purchased from an authorized Garmin dealer or SEA directly. To view the AMLs and detailed information, visit

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SEA Receives 2019 AEA Avionics Training Excellence Award

AEA Avionics Training Excellence Award

SEA has received this prestigious award every year since 2004! We believe that education is ongoing. Working with AEA and our OEMs to ensure we have the latest understanding of technologies and systems helps us serve you more effectively.

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