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SEA Receives STC Certification for Cessna 206H Aircraft Mission Console

Fully Assembled Mission Console Designed & Manufactured by SEA

SEA is pleased to announce receipt of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) number SA04529AT to install their mission console in the Cessna 206H series aircraft.

The fully assembled mission console was designed and manufactured by Southeast Aerospace for the Cessna 206H aircraft. The console provides a flexible installation solution for mission equipment with over 19 inches available for DZUS mounted equipment. The console installs on the existing seat tracks, replacing the forward left-hand passenger seat, with no airframe modifications required. This design simplifies installation, which can be completed in less than one hour. The console features a retractable second monitor and keyboard arm for use with the Churchill keyboard, meeting FAA safety requirements for the head strike zone. The standard configuration assumes two Macro-Blue MB15W or MB17W monitors but is also available with a blank panel option, to be customized by the installer for a variety of monitors.

SEA Cessna 206H Mission Console STC!

"We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. We originally developed our 206H mission console design for the Florida Highway patrol. After installing the console in two aircraft and then highlighting it at many of the APSA regional meetings, we decided to take steps to support agencies all around the globe by obtaining STC Certification. SEA wanted to provide agencies the option of installing the mission console while still working with their local shop. Our goal for operators using this mission console is to help them be as effective as possible in gathering the data they need to perform their various missions," stated Nathan Hernandez, Business Development Manager.

For further information, please contact Business Development/Sales Manager Nathan Hernandez,


Citation 525 Dual Garmin G600 TXi EFIS & GFC 600 Autopilot Upgrade

SEA installed Garmin G600 TXi, GI 275, GMA 35C, GSR 56, and GFC 600

Southeast Aerospace, Inc recently completed a major avionics and panel upgrade on a Citation Jet 525. SEA installed a dual Garmin G600 TXi EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) and GI 275 ESI (Electronic Standby Instrument), plus a Garmin GMA 35C Audio Panel, GSR 56 Iridium Datalink system , and GFC 600 Autopilot. SEA finished off this extensive retrofit project with five new instrument panels to accommodate the newly installed equipment configuration.

Before & After Citation 525 Upgrade

A major component of this modernization project was dual Garmin G600 TXi EFIS. The G600 TXi display offers a rich PFD and MFD experience, while presenting flight instrumentation in easy-to-read formats, all in one location. The aircraft’s existing dual GTN 750Xi units, GDL 69(A) XM Receiver, and GTX 3X5 transponders were rewired and interfaced with the newly installed G600 TXi systems, allowing full functionality. A Garmin GI 275 with ADAHRS was included and configured as an ESI, offering a built-in source of back up ADI/Airspeed/Altitude, while saving space and weight.

The new EFIS also supports full autopilot integration, provided by SEA’s installation of the Garmin GFC 600. The Dual G600 TXi and GI 275 display autopilot flight director and mode annunciations, while the EFIS system supplies pitch and roll data, air data, and navigational data to the GFC 600. To elevate the passenger experience, Garmin’s GMA 35c Remote Audio Panel and GSR 56 Iridium Datalink were installed to provide enhanced entertainment and communication capabilities.

The Citation 525 already had GTN units installed making this upgrade economical for the customer. It adds extensive capability upgrades to the aircraft by replacing an older EFIS system, several instruments and an older autopilot allowing this already great airframe to be supported long into the future.

For more information on this project, or to get your customized SEA aircraft modification solutions, please contact Luke Gomoll,

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SEA Featured in Avionics News Magazine

Original Story by Dave Hughes, Printed in January 2022 Edition

Avionics News Jan. 2022

Southeast Aerospace recently announced a new update that will soon be available for the Hawker 800 and 1000 series aircraft via two new supplemental type certificates. A member of the Aircraft Electronics Association since 1991, SEA has partnered with Universal Avionics to offer the latest EFIS technology – the InSight Integrated Flight Deck.

The InSight upgrade will also include optional full Datacom capability to meet requirements for FANS 1/A and CPDLC. Additionally, the Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics’ SAM MD302 is included as a replacement for the existing standby instruments.

The new aircraft STC programs aim to bring value to Hawker 800(A)(B)(XP) and 1000(A)(B) series aircraft through several significant new upgrades in the cockpit.

The Hawker 800 is a mid-size, turbofan-powered jet with a 2,500-plus nautical mile range and a service ceiling of 43,000 feet. It can carry eight to nine passengers and two to three crew. The 1000 series Hawkers are a stretched version of the 800 series with increased range and other benefits.

There were 650 Hawker 800 aircraft built in the three decades from 1983 to 2013 and double digit 1000s built. Even though these aircraft have been around for a long time, there hasn’t been a comprehensive cockpit upgrade available until now. Southeast Aerospace plans to rectify this with two STCs currently in development, the first of which is expected to be approved in early 2022.

“The Hawker 800s have been mostly left alone (from major retrofits) across their whole lifespan,” said Luke Gomoll, SEA’s aircraft modifications expert. “A few updates have come out that didn’t quite take off for several reasons. And there have been numerous small updates to single pieces of equipment in the cockpit, but there has not been a sweeping upgrade like this one offered by SEA before.”

Gomoll said the Hawker 800 series aircraft owners love the stand-up cabin, but it is getting more difficult and expensive to maintain some of the cockpit systems, so SEA wanted to offer a comprehensive solution. The company is planning to replace the aging equipment with Universal’s InSight Integrated Flight Deck.

The STCs will allow Hawker 800A, 800B, 800XP, 1000A, 1000B aircraft with existing Collins EFIS 85/86, along with FCS-80 and APS-85 autopilots and Honeywell SPZ-8000 avionics, to be upgraded. The autopilots will remain in place and are fully supported by Collins Aerospace and Honeywell, respectively.

There are four major flight deck variations in the Hawker series aircraft, and SEA’s STCs will address retrofitting three of them. The modifications will cost somewhere between $550,000 and $750,000, depending on the options selected.