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PA Controller

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  • LSC22 Series is designed to control the Loud Speakerand Siren 
  • Provides centralized control for airborne internal and external loud speaker systems 
  • Crystal clear pre-amplified and recorded audio, 
  • Boom mic audio and radio audio can be routed to the aircraft amplifier while providing control over source and volume 
  • Compatible with AEM's new LSA series loud speaker amplifiers as well as the legacy AEM/NAT PA equipment
Normal Operating Conditions: Nominal: +28.0 Vdc, Maximum: +30.3 Vdc, Minimum: +22.0 Vdc, Emergency: +18.0 Vdc Abnormal Operating Conditions: Maximum: +32.2 Vdc, Minimum: +20.5 Vdc
Input Current: 2.0 A max @ 28.0 Vdc, 0.2 A idle max @ 28.0 Vdc Backlighting Current: 28V Lights Power: 10 mA max @ +28.0 Vdc, 5V Lights Power: 10 mA max @ +5.0 Vdc
Height: 1.11" [28.2mm] Depth (behind panel): 6.34" [161.0mm]
Depth (behind panel including connectors): 6.59" [167.4mm] Width (behind panel): 4.84" [122.9mm]
Weight: 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg) Width (front panel): 5.74" [145.8mm]
CONNECTORS: One 25 pin male D-subminiature with V5 locks, One 9 pin male D-subminiature with V5 locks, One 3.5mm, 4 conductor jack Bonding: ≤2.5 mΩ
temperature: -40 to +70°C (operating), -55 to +85°C (survival) altitude: 35,000 FT. Max
humidity: 95% Non-condensing Operational Shock: 6g for 11msec (any axis)
Crash Safety Shock: 20g for 11 msec (impulse), 3 sec (sustained) vibration: DO-160G category 'S' curves B & M, DO-160G category 'U2' curves F & F1
qualifications: DO-160G Env. Cat. C4-BAB[SBM][U2FF1]XXXXXXZ[BXX]AB[ACE]XMXXXAX    
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LSC22-001  Loudspeaker PA Controller, Blue/White Panel Lighting


- PA Controller
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