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Part #: 1811HA-A0A

Model: 1811HAA0A

Barfield - Pitot Static Test Set
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Barfield Precision Electronics - formerly Precision Electronics




  • The Barfield 1811HA testers are portable, self-contained units, used for testing and calibrating aircraft pitot-static systems 
  • Tester has three-instrument capability (Altimeter, Vertical Speed, and Airspeed) for analog units to perform aircraft leak tests or instrument calibrations 
  • 1811HA series testers are configured with internal electric pumps, standard hand pumps
  • External pressure ports for supplying the necessary pressure and vacuum needed for on-board testing and calibration
  • 25-ft hoses, Pitot mast adapter, 2423F static port adapter kit, Pitot-static system cd-rom
  • Power entry module for internal electric pump
  • Compact fiberglass case allows unit to fit in tight quarters
  • Performs on-board instrument calibration checks
  • Performs precision Pitot-Static leak tests
  • Three-instrument capability for analog units with optional ranges 
  • Altimeter, Vertical Speed, and Airspeed gauges
  • Correction cards for all analog instruments
  • Fully portable, self-contained (No electric or external pressure sources required)
  • Vacuum & pressure hand pumps installed
  • 1811HA does not include instrument gauges



weight: 34 lbs. DIMENSIONS: 15.5 x 15.5 x 11.5 in.
OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0ºC to 50ºC Pneumatic connections:: Pitot, static
Gauges: Not included    
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1811ha-aoa Pitot Static Test Set


- Pitot Static Test Set
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