Part #: NPX138-000

Model: NPX138

Cobham - Communications Transceiver
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  • Panel Mount FM Transceiver stand-alone radio designed for the single mission user
  • Provides all the features needed to satisfy FM communications within the VHF-FM high band
  • 138.000-173.995 MHz frequency range in  5.0/6.25 kHz increments (wideband)
  • Each 100 memory channels are able to store a receive frequency and CTCSS tone, transmit frequency with CTCSS tone, scan function and alpha-numeric identifier
  • DTE12 allows DTMF encoding and direct keyboard programming
  • SCAN function allows scanning of selected channels
  • Transmit power of either 1 watt or 10 watts is selectable from the front of the NPX138
  • Simplex and semi-duplex operations are available
  • Separate main volume, guard volume and transmit select switches, squelch test, channel up/down, and display brightness controls
  • Uses the same control layout and operating system as NAT's popular Tac/Com family of radio control heads
  • Aircraft dimmer buss provides control for the panel lighting
  • Available in narrowband versions with NPX138N


Weight: 3.0 lbs. Dimensions: 1.875"H x 5.75"W x 7.66"D x 8.64"L
Mounting: Std. DZUS mounting (4 fasteners) Environmental: DO-160D Env. Cat [B4D1]ZBA[BMN]XXXXXXABABAUAXXX
Temperature: -30 to 60C Altitude: 50,000 feet
Humidity: 95% Shock: 12g (any axis)
input power: 28 Vdc nominal Current consumption: 0.5 A receive/2.0 A transmit (typical)
0.8 A receive/3.0 A transmit (max)
panel lighting: 28 Vdc, 14 Vdc or 5 Vdc dependent on model sidetone output: 25 mW @ 600 adjustable
microphone: Amplified dynamic or equivalent, 150   balanced/unbalanced frequency range: 138.000 MHz to 173.995 MHz
tone capability: 38 standard CTCSS tones operating mode: Simplex or Semi-Duplex
channel increments: 5 kHz/6.25 kHz audio output: 100 mW @ 600   Bal/Unbal
Sensitivity: Main/Guard: 0.5µV max. @ 12 dB SINAD spurious response rejection: >70 dB
adjacent channel rejection: 70 dB min @ ±25 kHz intermodulation rejection: 70 dB
hum & noise ratio: Unsquelched >50 dB / Squelched <-80 dBw distortion: <4%
rf power output: 1 W/10 W Selectable RF input/output impedance: 50   nominal
Rated System Deviation: ±5.0 kHz max., limited conducted spurious emissions: High power: -64 dBc / Low power: -55 dBc
Carrier frequency stability: ±0.0003% FM hum & noise ratio: >40 dB
AM HUM & Noise Ratio: >35 dB    


Lighting Power:
The digit in the first position of the unit suffix indicates the lighting power used.
                                              NPX138 - 000
0 = 28 VDC Lighting
1 = 14 VDC Lighting  
2 = 28 VDC NVG NVIS A Compliant
5 = 5 VDC Lighting
7 = 28 VDC NVG Compatible Lighting
8 = 14 VDC NVG Compatible Lighting
9 = 5 VDC NVG Compatible Lighting
Special Options:
The digit in the second position of the unit suffix indicates any special options installed.
                                              NPX138 - 000
0 = No special options installed
5 = USFS Standard Guard - GD1: 168.625 MHz, GD2: 167.950 MHz frequency
6 = Custom Guard - custom guard receiver module
7 = Synthesized Guard - GD1/GD2 are programmable via the front: 138 - 173.995 MHz in 5.0/6.25 kHz increments
Voice-Inversion Encryption:
The digit in the third position of the unit suffix indicates whether voice inversion encryption is installed.
                                              NPX138 - 000
0 = No encryption

1 = Encryption
Other = Special options installed - consult factory for details

Part Number Panel Mount wideband FM Transceiver Description:
NPX138-XXX see table above
- Panel Mount FM Comm Transceiver
Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

- FM Panel Mount Comm
Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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