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Model: CS-412 / DRC1

Honeywell - Dual Remote Compensator
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- Dual Remote Compensator

NSN: 5895-01-419-0038

Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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Southeast Aerospace exchanges are based on the return of an undamaged, economically repairable core unit with identical part number as the unit shipped to the customer. An "economically repairable" core is defined as one where the cost to repair/overhaul (or Repair Cap) does not exceed 80% of the original SV/OH exchange price billed. Should the Repair Cap exceed 80%, the customer will be billed the additional amount. In the event this amount exceeds the Outright Price for the unit, the customer would only be billed the difference between the Outright Price and SV/OH Exchange Price with the core returned as-is to the customer.

Here is an example of such a transaction:

$1000 Exchange Price charged to customer
$1000 x .8 = $800 Maximum Allowable core repair charge or Repair Cap

$2000 Cost to repair core unit
- $800 Less Core repair cap
$1200 Additional billing amount.

2200.00 Total Cost of transaction

Please Note:
SEA offers exchange on new items as well. However, repair cap as indicated above is still based on SV/OH exchange price.
Serial # 5101750
Condition OH
Tag Date 07/18/17
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Serial # 4081036
Condition SVC
Tag Date 07/07/17
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Serial # 81106519
Condition SV
Tag Date 09/30/16
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Serial # 94061334
Condition SV
Mods B
Tag Date 09/30/16
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Serial # 80115189
Condition SVC
Mods None
Tag Date 02/17/16
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