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Inverter (28VDC TO 115VAC/400Hz/375VA)

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  • 750 VA Static Inverter
  • Uses solid state circuitry to convert 28VDC to 115VAC, 400 Hz sine wave power
  • Transformerless square to sine power conversion
  • Capable of delivering an overload of 150% of rated power for a duration not less than five minutes under all environmental conditions
  • Foldback current limit during overload
  • 200% output current capability for fault clearance
  • Remote on-off feature to eliminate the need for a heavy and expensive solenoid
  • Shut down in the event of Low/Hi frequency and overvoltage malfunction
  • Soft start logic in conjunction with step input and any restart after output short, output shutdown, or remote off. Prevents inverter from drawing heavy surge during transition
  • Fault monitor for malfunction indication


Input Voltage: Nominal; 28.0 VDC ± 4 VDC, Range: 20 to 37 VDC Input Current: 16A @ full load  2A max @ no load
Output Voltage: +5%-7% (± 2% typ. on 115V) Output #1: 115 VAC (375 VA max cont) Output #2: 26 VAC (75 VA max. cont) Output Power: 375 VA Total max. cont. (Sum of 115 and 26 VAC outputs)
Output Frequency: 400 Hz ± 1% Phase & Waveform: Single phase sine wave
Harmonic Distortion: 2.0% typ. (5% max.) 20 to 37 VDC in. Power Factor: .8 to -.95
Efficiency: 83% typical Temperature: -55°C to 71°C
Weight: 8.0 lbs Overload Capacity: Capable of 150% output current @ normal AC output for 5 minutes
input overvoltage: Withstand 130% input overvoltage for 5 minutes while supplying full rated VA output power Input Voltage Protection: Inverter withstands transients of 88 volts lasting 1 mSec on the 28.0 VDC
Overload & Output Short Circuit Protection: Withstand without damage or degradation loads exceeding 150% of rated output to an output short circuit. Inverter delivers rated output on removal of above conditions. 200% output current for fault clearance. Altitude: 55,000 ft
Humidity: Tested to greater than 95% for ten days, temperature cycled between 75°F to 160°F Environmental: Qualified to meet RTCA DO-160 env. cat. D2BR 

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SPC-38A Static Inverter, MS3106B18-9SW connector 




- Inverter (28VDC TO 115VAC/400Hz/375VA)
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