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  • 250 VA @ 115 Volts RMS inverter with DC input voltage of 20-35 volts
  • 150 VA @ 26 Volts RMS with DC input voltage 20-35 volts
  • Converts unregulated DC electrical power into single phase, sinewave, regulated AC electrical power
  • Nominal input 28 VDC and nominal output 115 VAC and 26 VAC
  • Protected against accidental reverse polarity condition
  • Incorporates circuitry to phase lock two or more inverters for parallel or polyphase operation
  • Incorporates necessary circuitry to monitor inverter frequency including automatic shutoff should frequency drift below 370 Hz or above 430 Hz
  • Will reach rated output in approximately 500 milliseconds to avoid high in-rush current
  • FAA TSO-C73
Input Power: 28.0 VDC at 11.4 amps Output Power: 250VA @ 115 VRMS with DC input voltage 20-35 volts; 150VA @ 26 VRMS with DC input voltage 20-35 volts
Dimensions: 3.188"H x 6.0"W x 9.375"L Weight: 8.1 lbs.
Efficiency: 79% nominal Distortion: 3.25% THD under nominal operating conditions
Short Time Operation: 375 VA at 115V with input voltage 24-32 for 5 minutes Output Voltage: 115 VRMS +/-3% at any combination of 24-32 volts and 0-125% output load
Power Factor: 0.9 leading to 0.8 lagging Frequency: 400 Hz +/-1% under all operating conditions
Cooling: Free air convection Documents: FAA TSO C-73, RTCA DO-160 CAT D2B/RV/EXXXXXAZAZZ
Temperature: -55 to 71C Altitude: up to 50000 ft.


- Inverter

NSN: 3020-00-204-2828

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SEA Repair Capabilities: Yes

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Mods A, C
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