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Model: ST3400H




ST3400H-000 Gray, High Vibration

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ST3400H HeliTAWS
  • Self-contained Class A HTAWS (Helicopter Terrain Safety System) and GPWS Computer
  • Enhanced version of Sandel's original ST3400 Part 25 Class A TAWS
  • TSO C194 Certified
  • Replaces radar altimeter indicator
  • Exclusive TrueAlert™ technology eliminates nuisance alerts
  • High-resolution map depicting GPS flight plan, 3-D terrain, obstacles, airports and traffic overlay
  • Ultra-high resolution 3 arc-second (300' grid) terrain, 1 foot vertical resolution
  • Map ranges from 0.5nm to 20nm full scale
  • Relative Mode (REL): Terrain color coded relative to current helicopter altitude
  • Topographic Mode (TOPO): Terrain shown in topographic color coding
  • Digital radar altitude, pilot adjustable MINS settings
  • Exceptional display performance
  • Uses Sandel's high brightness 3-ATI display engine
  • LED Backlight with 10,000+ Hour MTBF
  • Sunlight readable daylight mode
  • Internal fan cooling system
  • NVIS Option: Class B compliant per MIL-STD-3009
  • Significantly increases the safety of demanding missions such as HEMS, offshore oil rig operations, tactical military support, search and rescue, and airborne law enforcement

Additional Information: Click Here for Pilot's Guide Click Here for HTAWS Comparison Guide

Dimensions: 9.86"L x 3.165" H x 3.165"W (3.285" bezel) Weight: 2.7 lbs
Display: LCD Projection engine; LED Backlight Power: 22-33 VDC, 40 watts max
Cooling Requirements: Internal fan, forced air not required Temperature: -20°C to +70°C 
Altitude: +55,000 ft max Mounting: Standard 3-ATI with clamp 
Certification: TSO C194, C113, C87, C118, RTCA/DO-178B, DO-254, DO-160F Audio Output: 500 ohm 25/150mw line-level and 4-8 ohm speaker
GPS Input: ARINC 429 or RS-232 (TSO C145 or C146 receiver required) Optional Inputs: Heading, VOR/Localizer, Gldie Slope, Radar Altimeter, Air Data Computer, Traffic
Discrete Input: Remote Sensitivity/TAWS Inhibit, Mute, Glide Slope Override Discrete Output: GND Discretes for Caution, Warning, TAWS Inhibit, Mute, Sensitivity/Off-Airport, Radalt MINS, Glide Slope Override
TAWS Alerting Modes: Forward Looking Terrain Avoidance     
GPWS Alerting Modes: Excessive Rate of Descent; Altitude Loss after Takeoff or Missed Approach; Flight Into Terrain when Not in Landing Configuration; Excessive Downward Glide Slope Deviation; Altitude Callouts    
Part NumberHTAWS/GPWS Description:
90254-A ST3400H-000, Gray Bezel, High Vibration
90255-A ST3400H-001, Black Bezel, High Vibration
90257-A ST3400H-000N, Gray Bezel, High Vibration, NVIS
90258-A ST3400H-001N, Black Bezel, High Vibration, NVIS
*Includes: Pilot's Guide, Regional Specific Database & USB Cable


- ST3400H-000 Gray, High Vibration
Price Condition Status
- Upgrade to NVG Compatible
Price Condition Status
- ST3400H-001 Black, High Vibration
Price Condition Status
- ST3400H-000N Gray, High Vibration, NVIS
Price Condition Status
- ST3400H-001N Black, High Vibration, NVIS
Price Condition Status

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There is some confusion in the avionics industry relating to the various terms used for terrain awareness, terrain advisory, and terrain alerting systems. Not all terrain systems are certified to Class A or B TAWS standards specified in FAA TSO C147b. If a terrain system is certified and approved to FAA TAWS standards, then the manufacturer will specifically use the term "TAWS" and/or "Class A/B TAWS". In most if not all cases, the term "terrain advisory" should not be understood to indicate "TAWS" or imply the product meets TSO C147b.
Similar to other manufacturers, the ordering or catalog part number is different than the part number actually printed on the physical unit. Sandel uses a numbering scheme for ordering new systems that begins with 5 numbers (ex. 90131). However, this part number is not on the actual dataplate of the unit. The part number on the unit will usually be similar to the model number with numbers following it (ex. ST3400-000).