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Sandia Aerospace

  • The SI-11X Electronic Course Deviation Indicator is a panel mounted device that displays lateral and vertical needles from a typical navigation receiver or GPS navigator 
  • The non-certified SI-11X CDI is intended for the experimental aircraft market
  • All information is displayed on a color 3.5” diagonal LCD display in traditional aerospace symbology. 
  • The SI-11X displays Left/Right course deviation for VOR, ILS or GPS and Vertical deviation for ILS or GPS  
  • SI-11X also displays four Annunciations, NAV or VLOC, GPS and BC (Back Course)
  • All Solid State. No mechanical needles or flags
  • The SI-11X will interface with virtually all VOR and GPS navigation units
  • Displays both VOR/LOC and GPS deviations
  • Annunciates GPS, VLOC & BC
  • SI-11X mounts in a 3 1/8” standard instrument hole
  • Good replacement for most mechanical CDI’s including the GI-106A
  • Upgradable
  • High visibility
  • Small and light weight. Just 1″ behind the panel
  • Fits standard 3-1/8″ round mounting hole
mounting: Standard 3-1/8” Round Hole dimensions: 3.52 x 3.22 x 1.84 in
bezel Size: 3.52 x 3.22 x 0.50 in weight: 0.56 lbs (Including Bracket and Connector)
viewing angle: 60° Left/Right, 45° Up/Down operating temerature: -20°C to +55°C
power input: 10-32 VDC current: 1 Amp Max
power: 5 Watts at Max Display Brightness needle range: +-150mV Full Scale Deflection
to/from threshold: +-40mV (To Positive) needle accuracy: 2% of Full Scale Deflection
to/from threshold accuracy: +-2mV needle max deflection: +-175mV Max Deflection
to/from threshold common mode voltage: +-3Vdc needle common mode voltage: +-3Vdc
to/from threshold differential load: 1 kOhm needle differential load: 1 kOhm
flags threshold: +125mV flags common mode voltage: +3Vdc
flags load: 1 kOhm max rotor input voltage: up to 8 Vp-p - Vcm
rotor input frequency: 30 to 500Hz rotor common mode: +- 2.5Vdc
stator d/f accuracy: <1 degree stator d/f resolver ratio: 0.2 to 1.0
stator common mode voltage: +-3Vdc temperature: -20 to 55 Degrees C
hummidity: DO-160G Standard Humidity, TBD power: DO-160G Section 16, TBD
emi: TBD rfi: TBD
Part Number electronic course indicator:
905020-00 See Description Above




- Experimental eCDI
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- Electronic CDI
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