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Model: MX155X

TKM - KX-155 Replacement Nav/Com (Experimental Version)
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TKM Avionics 


  • The MX155X is a modern direct slide-in replacement for the BendixKing KX155 NAV/COMM (all series)
  • The MX155X has a very simple set of controls that consist of two Dual-function (push & turn) knobs and 4 ‘touch points’ in the display
  • Designed to work with or without an external glide slope indicator, and is compatible with European 8.33khz separated comm channels by selecting the appropriate menu option
  • Original installations that utilized a remote comm channel flip-flop switch, this accessory has been disabled to accommodate multiple aircraft input voltages
  • MX155X is an Experimental, Non-Certified Version
  • EASA Compliant (8.33 kHz or 25 kHz selectivity)
  • Compatible with 14 and 28 volt aircraft
  • Active and standby flip-flop displays
  • Digital technology – software based and software upgradeable
  • High visibility, alphanumeric display with touch points
  • High-sensitivity tuner with improved output quality
  • Interfaces with existing equipment in panel
  • Built-in 40 channel glideslope receiver
  • VOR/LOC converter
  • Frequency memory with user-defined channel codes for NAV and COMM
  • Squelch: Noise adaptive squelch with manual override
- KX-155 Replacement Nav/Com (Experimental Version)
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