Part #: 430-0270-501

Model: MX20

UPS Aviation - Multifunction Display
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  • PLEASE NOTE: This item has been superseded by GMX-200 product line
  • Multi Function display with 6" diagonal active matrix LCD display readable in sunlight and with wide viewing angle
  • Display utilizes 640 x 480 pixels and over 65000 different color options for high definition images
  • Adjustable display back lighting
  • 6 main opearing functions
  • VFR Charting function reproduces sectional-like charts including airports, VORs, NDBs, intersections, user waypoints, special use airspace, ground terrain, and active flight plan
  • IFR Charting function displays enroute IFR map with navaids, airways, airspaces, and active flight plan
  • Terrain Awareness Charting function combines worldwide terrain database with GPS position input to display terrain conflict advisories in four colors (note: not TAWS mandate compliant)
  • Vertical profile terrain image to identify terrain peaks and obstructions relative to the current flight level
  • Lightning function provides full WX-500 compatibility and depicts lightning strikes relative to track of aircraft
  • Custom Overlay Chart View function allows pilot to custom build display by adding some or all of above features into one customized page
  • Flight Plan function provides summary page for active flight plan including bearing, distance, time to all waypoints, as well as additional information for each waypoint
  • Supplied with user replaceable datacard and 3.4 gigabyte internal memory
  • Six high-speed serial I/O ports to communicate with other IIMorrow avionics or other external sensors
  • 8 general purpose inout flags and 2 general purpose output flags
  • TSO'd to TSO-C113 and TSO-C110a
  • Optional traffic interface to Goodrich Skywatch, Ryan TCAD Systems, or Garmin GTX-330 / GTX-330D TIS transponders
  • Optional weather radar interface to Bendix/King ART-2000, ART-2100 and RS-181A (RDS-82) Radar Sensors
  • Chart View option available displays Jeppesen instrument approach charts and airport surface maps (upgrade Sdone through datacard and programmer via PC- chart CD subscription available through Jeppesen)
  • Split-screen feature enables side-by-side displays of any two MX20 charting functions
  • Datalink weather and FIS interface standard; service available via installation of WSI AV-200 Receiver and Inflight subscription
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Dimensions: 5.00"H x 6.26"W x 8.00"D Weight: 3.1 lbs.
Input Voltage: 10-40 VDC, reverse polarity protected    Input Power: 40 watts max
Temperature: -20 to 55C Max Altitude: 35000 feet
Part NumberMFD Description:
430-0270-0XX MX20 MFD with GPS
430-0270-5XX MX20 MFD without GPS
430-0270-6XX MX20 I/O Traffic MFD
430-0270-7XX MX20 I/O Traffic/Radar MFD
*XX is determined by the software included with the unit


- Multifunction Display
Price Condition Delivery

SEA Repair Capabilities: No

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No. Pressure altitude can be passed to the MX20 through the GX series of GPS units' serial data stream. This feature allows one of the four MX20 serial ports to be freed for other purposes than a dedicated altitude encoder input. For this feature to function, the GX GPS muse be running version 3.2 or newer software. In addition, the GX GPS must be wired and configured for altitude input from an altitude encoder. The GX serial output should be set to 'extended' mode for the altitude to be included in the data stream sent to the MX20. The altitude source port on the MX20 should be set to the same port that the GX GPS is connected to.
As of November 2004, the Garmin AT MX20 Multifunction display will only interface to the RDR-2000 (ART-2000) and RDS-82 (RS-181A) sensors for radar display as a radar/traffic upgrade available for existing MX20 units. The traffic interface of the MX20 is compatible with Ryan TCAD and Goodrich Skywatch traffic avoidance systems. Currently, UPS Aviation is indicating that there will be only one upgrade available for existing MX20 units. This upgrade will include the addition of both radar and traffic interfaces. The cost of this upgrade to existing MX20 units will be $8200 (list price). As mentioned, three versions of the MX20 will be available once these interfaces are completed. The basic version's list price will remain the same ($7295). This does not include the traffic and radar interfaces. The traffic version of the MX20 will include all the features of the basic version but will also include the TCAD/Skywatch traffic interface as mentioned above. The price for this traffic version will be an additional $1200. The radar version of the MX20 will include all the features of the traffic version but will also include the weather radar interface as mentioned above. The price for this radar version will be an additional $7700. nal $1200. The radar version of the MX20 will include all the features of the traffic version but will also include the weather radar interface as mentioned above. The price for this radar version will be an additional $7700.
Yes, the Garmin GTX-330 will interface with the MX-20 to display traffic information as long as the MX-20 has the traffic option/upgrade installed.
Newly Overhauled parts obtained from Garmin are designated with an N in their part number. This usually follows the 010- in the part number. As with most Garmin 010 part numbers, the N part numbers are for ordering purposes only and do not actually appear on the dataplate of the unit.
Yes, for the most part the Garmin GMX200 Multifunction Display will directly replace the original UPS Aviation / Garmin AT MX20 MFD with minimal installation changes. Both MFDs utilize the same dimension mounting tubes and connector styles; however the mounting tube part numbers are different. The mounting tray would need to be replaced. The GMX200 utilizes a configuration module that is located in the backshell of the main connector. Therefore, certain provisions would need to be made to include this config module in the connectors and programming of the configuration module. There are also some minor details relating to the MFD interfacing to a CNX80 or GNS480 if applicable.