ADS-B can be confusing.

Have you read enough white papers, brochures or gone to enough seminars or workshops that you just want quick, straight answers?
As more and more OEMs release products with more and more features, the waters are getting very muddied.

Do you know what you need to comply with the mandate?

Can you answer these questions?

  • Does my transponder have Extended Squitter capability?

  • Do I have a compliant GPS source?

  • Do I fly where 978 and/or 1090 is needed? (See Map)

  • Do I need ADS-B? Do I need traffic and weather on a tablet, smartphone, or another remote device?

  • Do I need an STC for installation or is a Field Approval good enough?

Don’t worry if you don’t know some of these answers. We can help.

Simply email us using the form or directly to and let our experts sort it out for you.

Even if we do not sell you a product, we can help you figure it out. It’s that simple.


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