Southeast Aerospace GNS430/530 and 430W/530W Purchasing Program
SEA is offering to purchase the following GNS Series part numbers. SEA is quoting the following amounts per unit, if found upon inspection in acceptable "As Removed" condition. Purchasing Conditions & Quan tities may apply, and Payment Amounts may vary. For an accurate total for your specific unit(s) and Ship to SEA Information, please contact the SEA Purchasing Department at 321-255-9877 or email

PN: 011-00280-10: $3000 per unit
GNS- 430W
PN: 011-01060-00: $4500 per unit
PN: 011-01060-40: $4500 per unit

PN: 011-00550-10: $4000 per unit

PN: 011-01064-00: $5500 per unit
PN: 011-01064-40: $5500 per unit