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ELT Beacon and Battery

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ELT 4000HM




  • Transport-grade Automatic Fixed Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) that utilizes alkaline batteries
  • Dual Frequency distress beacon, digital 406 MHz and analog 121.5 MHz homing signal
  • Auto activation via internal G-switch
  • Dual-band antenna with single connector and cable to transmitter – Blade and Whip available
  • Compatible with legacy antennas
  • Easy maintenance and installation
  • Many cockpit remote switch options available
  • Can be connected to onboard GPS via Integrated ARINC429 interface
  • GPS data is embedded in digital transmission reducing search radius down to 100 meters Cospas-Sarsat Type Approved
  • Compatible with ARTEX 406Test.com Satellite Confirmation Testing System
  • ARTEX ELT 4000 HM Helicopter version with 5-axis G-Switch available
  • 5-year battery life (replaceable)
  • Ships non-hazmat


Operating Frequencies: 406.031 MHz (+/- 1kHz) / 121.5 MHz (+/- 0.005%) Antenna options: Rod Antenna (110-338* or 8603*); Blade Antenna (110-340 or 8601) **Approvals for use of this antenna with ELT 4000 pending
emission designators: 16K0G1D (406.031 MHz) / 3K20A3X (121.5 MHz) gps: Built-in GPS Navigational Interface (ARINC429)
output power: 406 MHz: 5W (37 dBm) for 24 hours @ -20°C (-4°F) to +55 °C (131 °F); 121.5 MHz: 100 mW min (+20 dBm) for 50 hours @ -20 °C (-4°F) to +55 °C (131 °F) output connector: BNC Female (406/121.5 MHz)
activation: Automatic via Primary G-Switch by 4.5 +/- 0.5 feet per second (2.3 G) and Manual Activation battery: 5-year Alkaline
temperature certified to: Operating: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to 131 °F), Storage: -55°C to +85°C (-67°F to 185°F) Self test: G-Switch Enabled, 406 MHz Power, Antenna/Coax Connection, and Low Battery
remote control: ON/ARM/TEST weight: 5.45 lbs (2.47 kg)
measurements: 11.63 (L) x 3.42 (W) x 4.15 (H) inches (295 x 87 x 105 mm) mounting: Mounting Tray Bottom (452-5050-1), Mounting Tray Top (452-3052-1), Mounting Tray Cap (452-5066-1), and Mounting Strap (A3-06-3043)
approvals: FAA, Cospas-Sarsat (CAAC, ANATEL, Industry Canada, and EASA Pending)



Part Number ELT 4000 ELT Description:
8271 Beacon & Battery
8272 Base Pack
8273 Base Pack with Rod Antenna and Remote Switch


- A3-06-3005-1 ELT Beacon and Battery
Price Condition Status
- ELT Base Pack
Price Condition Status
- ELT Base Pack w/ Rod Antenna, Switch
Price Condition Status

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