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Part #: 8700

Model: TPS 8700




ELT Test & Programmer

Part Number :
TPS 8700
For use with: ELT 345, ELT 1000, ME406, C406-N, C406-1, C406-2, B406-4, G406, ELT 3000, and RB 406 
ELT Testing and Verification of ELT ID:
  • Aircraft Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) are required to have their unique identification number registered with the national authorities
  • The ARTEX Tester provides a simple method to verify and save the ARTEX ELTs ID after installation, reprogramming or should the beacon need to be re-registered after an aircraft ownership change
Test Data:
  • The ARTEX Tester records all data in an internal database which can be backed up to your PC
  • The data can be viewed on the computer independently of the Tester, and it is time stamped as proof of transmission and proper programming
  • The Tester can print via a USB interface to a PC. The printing capability requires a downloadable software program available at
  • The ARTEX Programmer/Tester has all the aforementioned functionality of the Tester and it can also quickly and easily program the full line of ARTEX ELTs
  • It is capable of programming the desired protocol, NAV Data Baud Rate, and required information as outlined by Cospas-Sarsat through the applicable programming cable (included)



Mechanical dimension w/o antenna: 6.7" (170mm)(L)x 3.7" (94mm) (W) x 1.53" (39mm) (H) OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -10°C to 60°C
MODEL: TPS 8700 display-lcd type: TFT High Brightness Touch Screen
PRODUCT NUMBER: 8700 display-viewable area: 3.5"
406.025 RECEIVER RANGE: -60dB to +36dBm (5W Signal) display-backlight: LED
decoding: Per Cospa-Sarsat C/S T.001(Issue 3, Revision5) COMMUNICATIONS-USB: 1 megabyte/ sec
oPERATING SYSTEM: Windows CE 5.0/Garnet OS 5.4 COMMUNICATIONS-Serial(rs232): 1200 to 115200 bits / sec
microprocessor: 400 MHZ Samsung COMMUNICATIONS-Infrared (irda): 1200 to 115200 bits / sec at 1meter
Display-resolution: 240 x 320 pixels COMMUNICATIONS Connector: 13 pin-custom gold plated pins
battery type: Rechargeable Lithium  Ion, custom battery pack battery capacity: 1700 mAh
battery protection: Over charge/ discharge and thermal battery-charging current: 1.2 (maximum) Via cradle (not provided)or communications cable
battery-charging input: 12V DC nominal (use only charger supplied) dimension (w/o antenna) 6.7" (170mm) (L) x 3.7" (94mm) (W) x 1.53" (39mm) (H)
STORAGE Temperature:  -20°C to 65°C RFI / EMC : CSPR22, CSPR24 (RF emissions & ESD immunity)
power on: 130mA typical (Meazura only-backlight off)  FCC: Part 15, Class A 
MEMORY (volatile) 64 megabytes SDRAM humidity: 5% to 90% relative humidity
MEMORY (non-volatile): 128 megabytes Flash MEMORY (expansion) via MZIO bus standard
full system: 60 mA typical (Backlight on) sleep mode: 7mA typical
sealing: IP67 (submersible to 1 meter -30 min.) ce: EU EMC Directive
protection: Over charge discharge and thermal weight: 1 LB. (456gm)


Part Number:  Description:
8700 Programmer/Test Set for ELT345, ELT 1000, ME406, C406-N, C406-1, C406-2, B406-4, G406, ELT 3000, and RB 406


- ELT Programmer/Tester
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