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  • TCAS Computer Unit for the TCAS 2000 system
  • Contains the RF transmitter and receivers necessary to interrogate and receive replies from other transponder equipped aircraft
  • Dual microprocessors utilized to implement the surveillance and collision avoidance algorithms
  • Provides past and present LRU and system status through the front panel mounted TEST switch and PASS/FAIL annunciators 
  • Interface provided for an onboard Mode S transponder in order to communicate with other TCAS ll equipped aircraft
  • Software updates can be incorporated by an ARINC 603 or 615 data loader port through either the connector mounted on the front panel of the computer or the port provided on the LRU rear connector
  • Enhanced ATCRBS Range, Altitude and Bearing Tracker algorithms developed by ACSS provide greater than 99% track probabilities, while reducing false tracks to less than 0.5%


HEIGHT:  7.66 in. (194.6 mm) WIDTH: 7.52 in. (191.0 mm)
LENGTH:  15.26 in. (387.6 mm) WEIGHT: 15.78 lb (7.16 kg) Max
dc voltage: +20.5 V dc minimum, +27.5 V dc nominal, +32.2 V dc maximum ac voltage:  97 V rms minimum, 115 V rms nominal, 134 V rms maximum at 400 ƒ 80 Hz
power consumption:  55 Watts standby, 65 Watts nominal, 85 Watts maximum tso: Honeywell Part No. 7517900--XX001 and --XX002 (Change 6.04a software version) C119a ,  All other units (Change 7.0 software version) C119b
circuit breaker ratings: 115 V ac Circuit Breaker 5 Amp Typical, 28 V dc Circuit Breaker 10 Amp Typical MOUNTING:  ARINC 600 6--MCU Tray Assembly
mating CONNECTOR: P1 (Rear Connector) Radiall Part No. 620--800--066  J1, (Front Connector) Honeywell Part No. 4004295--160, ITT Part No. KJ6F18A53P jtso:  (7517900--XXXXX) C119b
Software Development Specification : DO--178B, Level B EnvironmentalSpecifications:  DO--160C Environmental Category [A2F2]YBB[CLMY][E1]XXXXXZ[EBZ]A [EZ]ZRZA3E3XX
altitude: Sea Level to 55,000 feet  Loss of Cooling:  +40 degrees C for 300 minutes minimum
Operating Temperature:   -55 to +70 degrees C  Ground Survival Temperature:  -55 to +85 degrees C
Transmitter Frequency: 1030 ± 0.01 MHz  RF Peak Output Power: Minimum 53.3 dBm (210 Watts), Nominal 55.3 dBm (335 Watts), Maximum 57.3 dBm (540 Watts
Unwanted Output Power: (in an Inactive State) 72 dBm  Absolute Tolerance: Relative to the 0 dB step, the attenuation of each step does not exceed the nominal attenuation by more than ± 2 dB
range:  0 to 26 dB attenuation by 1 dB steps  Relative Tolerance: Step increments are ± 0.5 dB and monotonic
 Receiver Frequency Range:  1087 to 1093 MHz Receiver MTL Over Frequency (Normal Operation): -77 ± 2 dBm ( ≥ 90% Mode S and ATCRBS replies decoded)
 Receiver Dynamic Range (Normal Operation): -77 to -23 dBm (≥ 99% Mode S and ATCRBS replies for signal levels greater than MTL +3 dB):  Extended Range Reception Capability: (Optional Mode) -82 ± 2 dBm (≥ 90% Mode S squitter replies decoded
 Low Level Receiver Signal Rejection: (Normal Operation) -81 dBm ( ≥ 10% Mode S and ATCRBS replies decoded)  Receiver Signal Processing:   Amplitude Mono-pulse
System Bearing Accuracy: Error less than 9 degrees RMS, 27 degrees peak from -10 to +10 degrees elevation  Mode S P6 Duration: 16.25 ± 0.125 microseconds (short), 30.25 ± 0.125 microseconds (long)
Mode S P1, P2 Duration: 0.08 ± 0.05 microseconds  ATCRBS S1, P1, P3, P4 Duration:  0.08 ± 0.05 microseconds
 Pulse Rise Time:   0.05 to 0.10 microseconds  Pulse Fall Time:  0.05 to 0.20 microseconds


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7517900-10002 TCAS RT-950                   
7517900-10004 TCAS RT-950
7517900-10005 TCAS RT-950
7517900-10006 TCAS RT-950
7517900-10007 TCAS RT-950
7517900-10012 TCAS RT-950
7517900-10020 TCAS RT-950




- TCAS2000 Computer
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- TCAS Processor
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