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Part #: NTX403-000

Model: Tac/Com NTX

AEM - VHF FM Transceiver
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  • Tac/Com airborne FM communications radio transceiver operating in the 66.000 Mhz to 87.9975 Mhz frequency range
  • Remote Mount
  • 2.5 kHz channel increments
  • Microprocessor controlled digital technology
  • High speed scanning
  • 128 channel memory
  • Compatible with the Tac/Com II control heads
  • Split shell design makes servicing quick and simple
  • Supports CTCSS tones
  • Multiple high speed scan modes
  • High/low TX power selection
  • Front panel programmable wide or narrow band capability
  • Compact 1/4 ATR size
  • Utilizes serial communications between the control head and transceiver
  • Install Kit P/N NTX-IKC


Weight: 4.0 lbs. Dimensions: 5.1" H x 2.0"W x 10.5"D
Temperature: -30 to 60C Environmental: DO-160C Env. Cat B4-BA[MN]XXXXXXAB[AB]BAUAZZZ
Tone Capability: 38 CTCSS 67.0 - 250.3 Hz DCS/DPL Scan Rate: >10 channels/second
Operating Mode: F3E simplex or semi-duplex Audio Output: 100 mW / 600 ohm nominal
Microphone: Amplified dynamic or equivalent Sidetone Output: 25 mW / 600 ohm nominal
RF Output Power: 1 watt or 10 watts (selectable) Duty Cycle: 20% (10W)
Carrier Attack Time: 150 milliseconds typical Conducted Spurious:
Frequency Stability: +-.0003% Distortion: 2% typical 5% max, 300-3000 Hz
Rated Deviation: +-5.0 kHz wideband +-2.5 kHz narrowband Sensitivity: 0.35 uV for 12 dB SINAD
Intermodulation: >70 dB Spurious Rejection: >70 dBm typical
Hum/Noise Ratio: 40 dB unsq./70 dB sq. Frequency Response: 300Hz - 3 Khz, +1/-3 dB to 6 dB/octave de-emphasis
RX Recovery Time: 150 milliseconds max AF Characteristic: EIA std. +1/-3 dBm max to 6 dB / octave pre-emphasis
FM Hum/Noise Ratio: 30 dB narrow band 40 dB wide band Power Input: 28VDC 0.4A (receive) 2.5A (transmit)
NTX403-000 Tac/Com VHF FM Transceiver     



- VHF FM Transceiver
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