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Advisory Panel

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  • S-61 / Sea King Helicopter New Generation Warning/Annunciator System
    • System Configuration: The #1 Auxiliary Warning Panel (MCP02-100), #2 Auxiliary Warning Panel (MCP02-200) and the Chip Detect Panel (MCP02-300) may only be used with the AEM Master Caution Panel (MCP02-00X)
    • The MCP02-00X Master Caution Panel can be used to directly replace the Grimes Master Caution Panel, and works in a "mixed system" with the Grimes Advisory & Auxiliary panels
  • Cost-effective & reliable replacement for existing OEM unit
  • Drop in replacement for your existing OEM units
  • One piece display filter prevents moisture & environmental contaminants from entering the panel
  • New electronics package, LED display technology & mechanical packaging
  • Improved optics
  • Incorporates "State Recorder" that digitally monitors & records the status of system annunciators in real-time (2000 + events), & can output the data via an RS422 to systems including those used for Helicopter Flight Data Management (HFDM)
  • NVIS version available
  • Custom legends available, field replaceable
  • 3.57 lbs system combined (versus 5.8 lb Grimes unit)
  • 75% less current draw
  • MTBF 23,189 hrs
  • Cooler Operation
  • DO-160G Qualified
  • Transport Canada STC Pending
  • FAA STC Pending
AEM PN: Grimes PN: Annunciator system
MCP02-000 80-0331-1, 80-0331-3, 80-0031-5 Master Caution Panel
MCP02-000N N/A NVG Master Caution Panel
MCP02-100 80-0092-7 #2 Auxiliary Warning Panel
MCP02-100N N/A NVG #2 Auxiliary Warning Panel
mcp02-200 75-0074-213 #1 Auxiliary Warning Panel
mcp02-200N N/A NVG #1 Auxiliary Warning Panel
mcp02-300 Alert SB # 61B30-15A Chip Detect Panel
mcp02-300n N/A NVG Chip Detect Panel


- Advisory Panel
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