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Part #: P122-ACP

Model: P122




Avionics Switch Console

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  • The P122 Switch Console is a bolt-in replacement for the OEM AS350 and H125 console
  • Upgraded with MIL-STD switches and circuit breakers to eliminate unreliable pushbuttons and fuses
  • Improved Electrical System Reliability.
  • 24 Mil-Spec sealed toggle switches replace intermittent pushbuttons
  • Up to 62 Mil-Spec circuit breakers replace fuses
  • Ergonomic design for busy cockpits
  • Internal dimmer control allows independent console dimming
  • Optional NVIS-compatible lighting
  • Circuit breaker legends are customizable and easy to change
  • Mating cannon plugs simplify installation
  • Compatible with aircraft’s existing electrical system including the latest Multibloc (B3e variant)
  • Gold plated contacts for reliable operation
  • Lightweight aluminum structure with powder-coated finish
  • Optional custom layout and wiring available


Weight: 12.5 LB HEIGHT: 13.25"
WIDTH: 8.05" LENGTH: 10.41"
SWITCHES: Up to 24 each CIRCUIT BREAKERS: Up to 62 each
CONSOLE LIGHTING: Internal with CRTL FAA STC SH4747NM : AIRFRAME(S) AS350 B, BA, B1, B2, B3, C, D, D1
ANAC STC 2007506-08: AIRFRAME AS350 B EASA STC 10016948: AIRFRAME(S) AS350 B, BA, B1, B2, B3, D
ANAC STC 2007506-09: AIRFRAME(S) AS350, B1, B2, B3 TCCA STC SH93-83: AIRFRAME(S) AS350 B, BA, B1, B2, B3, D
Part Number: Description:
P122-APC Assembled Generic Console
P122-AI Prewired 22 C/B Avionics Group
P122-LT Locking Toggle Switch Upgrade (per switch)
P122-AW Additional Cannon Connector & wiring
P122-CB Additional Circuit Breaker Installed (per breaker)
P122-NVG NVG Compatibility
P122-SW Additional Switch Installed (per switch)
P122-CCF Custom Configuration Fee
P122-MB Multibloc Intallation (required for aircraft Post-Mod 350A07-4280)


- Avionics Switch Console
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