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Triaxial Accelerometer

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Multi-Axial Accelerometers 3001 Series 



  • Hermetically sealed instruments for simultaneous measurement of acceleration on vertical, longitudinal, and lateral axes
  • Consist of up to three separate, rugged seismic sensors responding to forces along each axis
  • Each sensor consists of a bending beam, with strain-gages forming a full Wheatstone Bridge, and a mass
  • Advanced solid-state electronic signal conditioning package
  • Designed for use in military and commercial aircraft which utilize digital flight data acquisition and recording systems
  • Meets the mandatory requirements of FAA and other worldwide regulatory agencies
  • Designed to ARINC specifications 573 and 717, and tested to TSO C51a and RTCA DO-160
  • Directly interchangeable with any accelerometer now in service and are compatible with any digital flight data recording system

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Dimensions: 4" x 2.5" x 3"; 3.25" x 3.25" x 3.5"; x 2.55" Weight: 16-24 oz.
Range: Vertical: +6G to -3G, Longitudinal: +1G, Lateral: +1G Axial Null: Vertical-1800 mV, Longitudinal-2600 mV, Lateral-2600 mV
Excitation: 21-32 VDC (28 VDC nominal) Output: 6.5 VDC max
Accuracy to: 0.75% FSO Resolution: Infinite
Supply Current:   Temperature:  -65 Deg to 185 Deg 
Compensated Range: -65 Deg to 160 Deg Thermal Effect on 0: +/-0.01% FSO/F
Thermal Effect on Sensitivity: +/-0.01% FSO/F Vibration: 5-2000 Hz, 10G max @ 1 octave/min sweep rate
Shock: Peak acceleration of 6G min for duration of 11 milliseconds @ 1/2 sine wave Insulation Resistance: 100 Mohms min @ 50 VDC
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3001-01-101-2 Multi-Axial Accelerometers
3001-01-111-2 Multi-Axial Accelerometers


- Triaxial Accelerometer

NSN: 6615-01-465-0350

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