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Audio Panel

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  • Versatile, miniature solid state intercommunication system control
  • Used on the S-76 Helicopter
  • Designed to be the basic control unit for a multi-person (up to 12) communication system of advanced design
  • High reliability unit employing solid-state relay circuits and modular microphone, headset, and speaker amplifiers
  • Offers flexibility through specified performance from a 5 ohm Dynamic Microphone or a 100 ohm carbon microphone, and an 8 or 600 ohm headset
  • Seven-position rotary selector switch provides for selection, control, and voice modulation of six transmitters
  • Extreme CCW position of the selector provides intercommunication on the Interphone line
  • Intercommunication can be obtained for any selector position when the control is wired for two-button operation
  • Push-button switch provides voice to be applied through a 4-watt amplifier to a speaker in the cabin
  • Ten monitor switches provide for individual selection and mixing of 10 audio input lines
  • Direct input line for warning signals is provided
  • Master volume control permits adjustment of headset level
  • Six internal controls permit individual adjustment of the voice modulation level to each of the six associated transmitters
  • Six resistors are included in the A301-61 for use as audio input line terminations
  • Options: Cockpit voice recorder, Night vision capability
  • Andrea has TSO-C50b CAT CAAAXX authorization for A301-61A
POWer: Input Voltage: 21.5 to 30 VDC
No. Signal: 3 Watts Max
250 mW Headset Output: 4.5 Watts Max
4 Watt Speaker Output: 17 Watts Max
Size: 5 3/4"W x 2 5/8"H x 4"D Weight: 1.75 lbs
LIghting: 2 - 6 V lamps @ .215 Amps Connector: 50 pin Cannon DD50P (Male)
50 pin Cannon DD50S (Mating Connector)
impedance levels: Microphones: 5 ohms Dynamic or 100 ohm Carbon
Headset: 8 ohms or 600 ohms
Speaker: 8 ohms
Int. Line: 600 ohms, internally furnished
Transmitter Output: 100 ohms
Receiver Lines: 600 ohms
Signal Levels: AGC: Reference 2.75 V output for input variation of 10 to 1
AGC Attack Time: .2 Sec Max
AGC Slope: 3 dB Max output change for 20 dB input change
Distortion: 3% Max
Headset Amplifier - Output: 250 mV
Distortion: 10% Max
Frequency Response: +/-6 dB from 300 to 6000 Hz.
Transmitter Lines: .1 to 1 V Adjustable Speaker amplifier output: 4 Watts
Volume control range: 40 dB Isolation @ 1000 Hz: 60 dB Min between input lines or output lines


- Audio Panel

NSN: 5895-01-422-3263

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