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Part #: 910-00001-104

Model: EFD1000H


Aspen Avionics


EFD System (Helicopter)

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- Display Assembly (Helicopter)
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All Evolution Flight Display PFDs are designed to work with dual GPS sources that interface through ARINC 429 and/or RS-232.

The GPS Steering (GPSS) function of the Pro PFD is available only when the installed GPS navigator is an ARINC 429-based GPS providing Label 121 bank angle command information (e.g., Garmin 400/500 series GPS navigators).

The EFD system supports both WAAS and legacy GPS navigators. When connected to a WAAS GPS, the Pro PFD will display the Vertical Deviation Indicator (like an ILS glideslope indicator) when an APV (approach with vertical guidance) is loaded and active, and the WAAS GPS is outputting vertical deviation signals to the PFD.

The Pro PFD can also be configured at installation to display the required WAAS GPS annunciations, obviating the need for external annunciators.  

The Pro PFD supports dual VHF navigation radios, whether standalone VHF radios with composite nav outputs, or integrated GPS/Nav receivers.  

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