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RoadRunner Electronic Flight Instrument

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AFI 4700 RoadRunner
  • Electronic Flight Instrument (EFI)
  • Form-Fit-Function upgrade to replace ADI & HSI primary flight instruments
  • Capable of displaying terrain awareness, traffic, weather, and synthetic vision
  • Installs in less than 2 hours with minimal changes to wiring, power, instrument panel, and cooling requirements
  • Readability in all lighting conditions; NVIS compatible
  • Displays HTAWS, TCAS, Weather, SVS, and other EFIS functions
  • Field-loadable software without instrument removal
  • Cost-effective upgrade to existing platforms
  • Enhances safety
  • Low-cost option to add HTAWS; satisfies HEMS mandate
  • Modern EFIS functionality; minimal training required
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Increases reliability
  • Reduces weight & part count
  • Minimal downtime to install
size: Electronics Unit: 4.65" x 4.98" x 6.94" (excluding connectors)
Display Head: 5.00" x 9.67" x 1.65" (including encoders)
Weight: <8.0 lbs
Power: Primary Power: 28VDC, <50 Watts
Bezel Lighting: 5VAC, 400 Hz
Optional: 115VAC, 400 Hz primary power
Display: Active Area: 4.1" x 6.8"
Resolution: 480 x 800 (min)
Luminance: >800 cd/m2 (typical)
Optional: NVIS compatibility

ARINC 429 (Input & Output)
Differential Analog (Input & Output)
Discrete Interfaces (Input & Output)
RS-232 (Bi-directional)
Synchro & Resolver (Input & Output)
Direct output for aural alerts (TAWS functions)
Optional: ARINC 453 (Input)
Optional: ARINC 568 (Input)
Optional: Connectors matching legacy instruments

Certification: Software: DO-178C Level A
Programmable Logic Devices: DO-254 Level A
Hardware: DO-160G
Planned TSO: C113a, C3e, C4c, C6e, C34e, C63e, C40c,
C41d, C63d, C66c, C87a, C92c, C110a, C115c, C118a,
C119d, C146d, C147a, C165a, C194, C198-


Part Number ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT Description:
276800-1 RoadRunner EFI
277060-3 H-60 EFI System with Installation Kit and Ring
277060-5 A109 EFI System with Installation Kit and Ring
277397-1 A109 Installation Ring
277397-5 H-60 Installation Ring
278934-1 A109 Installation Kit
278934-5 H-60 Installation Kit
278934-7 Generic Installation Kit



- RoadRunner Electronic Flight Instrument
Price Condition Status
- RoadRunner EFI System (H-60)
Price Condition Status
- RoadRunner EFI System (A109)
Price Condition Status

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