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Traffic Processor

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  • Remote mount TCAD system with 1/2 3 ATI, LED green display type
  • Top and bottom antennas, omnidirectional coverage
  • Audible position alerting
  • Displays bearing to threat
  • N-number of Mode-S transponder equipped aircraft threats
  • 20-nautical mile horizontal range
  • 10000 foot vertical coverage above and below host aircraft
  • Voice annunciation of "Traffic"
  • Tone alerts for altitude
  • Threat transponder code
  • Three adjustable shields (terminal, standard, enroute)
  • Dynamic traffic shield
  • Altitude Alerter
  • Tone alerts for altitude and traffic
  • Tracks over 50 threats simultaneously while displaying three closest
  • Ground mode displays traffic in pattern and filters ramp traffic
  • Automatic transition from Ground to Enroute Mode
  • Approach mode filters traffic on ground during approach
  • Density altitude for takeoff and performance calculations
  • TCAD information can interface and be displayed on Eventide Argus 5000CE and 7000CE Moving Maps (Please note Argus units cannot be installed in place of TCAD display, TCAD display must still be installed)
  • Traffic information from 9900BX can als be displayed on the Ryan Multi-Hazard Display - MHD
  • Similar to 9900B but has range of 20 nautical miles instead of 6 & audible position alerting



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In most cases, if you already have Garmin equipment, the easiest route to comply with ADS-B is to stay with Garmin. Based on what you gave me below, you would need to upgrade your GNS530 to the 530W (WAAS) and replace your GTX327 with the GTX330ES (Extended Squitter). Most shops will give you a trade-in value for the GTX327 and there are some used GTX330ES units out there on the market. This route will make you compliant with the 1090ES part of ADS-B compliance.

Otherwise, if you choose to keep the GTX327 and go with the GDL88 or GDL84 UAT (978 compliance), you will still have to get your GNS530 upgraded to WAAS and then handle some additional considerations.

The Ryan 9900B TCAD system is a passive traffic detection and alert systems. That is, unlike TAS systems such as L3/Goodrich Skywatch and Bendix/King KTA-870/970/KMH-880/980, it is does not actively interrogate aircraft transponders. Thus, the TCAD system is limited to receiving transponder replies from aircraft flying in SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar) environments. SSR typically tracks transponder-equipped aircraft cruising at ranges of up to 250 miles. Due to the earth's curvature, the SSR's interrogation range is significantly reduced when tracking lower level aircraft and is generally ineffective when aircraft are below 3,000 feet at longer ranges. Ryan International describes the 9900B system as a lower cost alternative to more expensive TAS systems.
The Ryan 9900B TCAD system is a passive traffic system that only uses transponder replies from other aircraft. (note: only possiblein ATC SSR environments - see other FAQ relating to this). The 9900BX is an active traffic system that actually interrogates other aircraft transponders to process and produce its traffic detection and alerts.