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Part #: 850-00218-001

Model: AMX240




Audio Panel

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AMX240 Audio Panel
  • Avidyne’s AMX240 Audio Panel provides the latest features in audio management for general aviation aircraft in a simple, easy-to-use design
  • The AMX240 is a full-featured audio source selector panel, intercom, and Marker Beacon receiver
  • Provides outstanding features and sound quality, while incorporating Avidyne’s legendary “Flying Made Simple” user interface
  • Large, easy-to-read, LED backlit buttons provide simple mode selection and at-a-glance annunciation of your current audio and intercom configuration
  • Supporting three transmitter inputs, nine receiver inputs, plus two inputs for stereo music and (5) five unswitched inputs
  • AMX240 also features a six-place high-fidelity stereo intercom, public address (PA) function, plus Bluetooth® music and full-duplex cell phone interfaces
  • Dual radio monitor capability allows the pilot to listen to Standby frequencies on the IFD-Series VHF radios
  • Dedicated Replay button provides a “say again” function that repeats previous ATC communications
  • Dedicated Split button allows the pilot to transmit on Com 1 while the Copilot transmits on Com 2
dimensions: Width: 6.30" (160mm), Height: 1.3" (33mm), Depth: 7.12" (180mm) weight: 1.40 lbs (0.63 kg), 1.95 lbs (0.87kg) with rack & connector 
certification: TSO C50c, C35d Class A compliance: RTCA DO-178B , DO-254, DO-160D, DO-214
power: 11 – 33 V 2.5 A environmental: -20 to +55 C, 35,000ft., No external cooling fan required
Input inpedence: 500 Ohms -60dB (min) speaker power: 3 Watts @ 14VDC into 4 Ohms,10 Watts @ 28VDC into 4 Ohms
receiver inputs: 9 (Com 1, Com 2, Mon 1, Mon 2, Nav 1, Nav 2, Mkr, Aux, Tel) + 2 Music inputs + 5 unswitched inputs) transmitter selections: (Com 1, Com 2, Tel, Com 1/2)
intercom positions Up to 6 Places, Pilot, Crew and PAX Isolation Selections Stereo or Mono marker beacon: 75 MHz , 1000 mV low sensitivity, 200 mVolt High sensitivity
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850-00218-001 Audio Panel For General Aviation



- Audio Panel
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