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Model: EX600




EX600 w/ RDR2000/2100 or RDS81/82/84/86

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  • Multi-Function Display
  • High Resolution 5.8" LCD Diagonal Display
  • Wide viewing range with over 40% more pixels than Avidyne's previous-generation MFD
  • Designed to replace existing CRT-based radar indicators
  • View datalink graphical weather information that is integrated with your flight plan moving map, lightning, traffic and terrain display
  • Dedicated range, bearing and tilt controls and exclusive features like BeamView and TiltView
  • World-wide datalink weather
  • Interfaces with 19 different on-board weather radar systems
  • Easy to update - databases are easily updated through the USB port on the front bezel
  • Easy to upgrade - pin-for-pin replacement for EX500, provides a larger display and adds Map Panning capability
  • Easy-to-use panning function
  • Dedicated panning keys - four directional keys with center "QuickPan" key which toggles the display between the panned position and your present position
  • Includes CMax™, providing a world-wide library of geo-referenced approach charts and airport diagrams that help manage and access critical flight information and reduce the amount of paper required on board
  • CMax airport diagrams include 6,004 world-wide locations, 5,695 of which are geo-referenced charts
  • Utilizing Jeppesen's trusted JeppView™ Electronic airway manual, CMax makes accessing an approach & viewing airport diagrams easy
  • Charts can be loaded for nearby airports along your route from the Trip Page using the EX600's Auto-Fill™
  • Informative Trip Page - easy access to vital information
  • "Nearest to Destination" Page - shows graphical and decoded METARs at the destination and surrounding airports
  • Displays color lightning, broadcast and 2-way satellite datalink weather
  • Displays real-time color lightning overlaid on the moving map when interfaced to TWX670
  • MLB700 broadcast datalink receiver gives comprehensive, graphical information about weather conditions all across the Continental US
  • Using the WSI InFlight® Weather Service via SIRIUS, the EX600 displays high-resolution NOWrad® radar mosaic, Storm Track Vectors, Hail Warnings, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, graphical and textual METARs, TAFs, Temperatures and Winds Alfot, TFRs, & Lightning form WSI's lightning network
  • International MLX770 Satellite datalink transceiver delivers worldwide satellite-based datalink weather
  • Two-way text messaging available when interfaced to the MLX770 (via email connection or compatible SMS-capable mobile telephone)
  • International weather products include METARs, TAFs, SAT IR, Lightning, and regionalized NEXRAD radar imagery
  • Datalink Interface
  • Avidyne MLB700 Broadcast Datalink Receiver - Using WSI InFlight Aviation Weather & SIRIUS Satellite Radio
  • Heads Up Technologies XMD-076/A - Using Baron Services weather & XM Satellite Radio
  • Avidyne MLX770 / MLX780 Two-Way Datalink Transceiver - Using Avidyne/WSI Services Weather & Text Messaging
  • Vector-Graphic Moving Map
  • Americas Jeppesen NavData
  • International Jeppesen NavData - Optional
  • GPS/FMS Interface
  • ARINC 429 GAMA Graphics
  • RS-232
  • Heading Interface
  • ARINC 407 - Synchro XYZ
  • ARINC 429
  • Electronic Approach Charts
  • CMax - Jeppesen Electronic Airway Manual Charts
  • European VFR Charts
  • Airport Diagrams
  • Lightning Interface
  • Avidyne TWX670 Tactical Lightning Detection
  • L3 WX-500 Stormscope Weather Sensor
  • Traffic Interface
  • Arinc 735 & RS-232
  • Avidyne TAS600 / TAS610 / TAS620 TAS
  • Ryan 9900B/9900BX TAS
  • Honeywell KTA870 / KMH880 TAS/IHAS
  • L3 Skywatch 497 / Skywatch HP TAS
  • Garmin GTX330 TIS Transponder
  • L3 791 TCAS I
  • Honeywell CAS66A TCAS I
  • Terrain Awareness
  • Color-Contoured Terrain Base Map Built in - Americas Terrain & US Obstacle Data - International Terrain Data - Optional
  • EGPWS/TAWS Interface - Optional (Class B)
  • Honeywell MK V, VI, VII, VIII
  • Honeywell KMH880 IHAS
  • Honeywell KGP560 / KGP860
  • Honeywell MK XXI / MK XXII (HTAWS)
  • Radar Interface - Optional
  • Collins WXR250 / 270 / 300
  • Bendix RDR130 / 150 / 160
  • Bendix RDR1100 / 1200 / 1300 / 1400
  • Bendix RDS81 / 82/82VP / 84/84VP / 86/86VP
  • Bendix/King RDR2000/2100
TSO: C63c, C110a, C113, C118, C147, C157  Display: 5.8"D x 4.61"W x 3.48"H; 640 x 480 pixels
Weight: 5.75 lbs. Fixed Wing Tray: 0.9 lbs Helicopter Tray: 4.1 lbs Dimensions: 4.93"H x 6.24"W x 10.99"D
Power: Max 3.0A @ 28 VDC Cooling: Internal Forced Air Cooling Provided
Environmental:  DO 160E, To 50,000 ft., -20C to +55C Operating +70C Short Term    
Part Number MFD Description:
700-00167-001 No Radar Interface, Black
700-00167-002 RDR1100/1200 Interface, Black
700-00167-003 RDR1300 Interface, Black
700-00167-004 RDR130/150/160 Interface, Black
700-00167-005 RDS8X/RDR2XXX Interface, Black
700-00167-006 WXR270/270A Interface, Black
700-00167-011 No Radar Interface, Gray
700-00167-012 RDR1100/1200 Interface, Gray
700-00167-013 RDR1300 Interface, Gray
700-00167-014 RDR130/150/160 Interface, Gray
700-00167-015 RDS8X/RDR2XXX Interface, Gray
700-00167-016 WXR270/270A Interface, Gray


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