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Part #: 850-00228-100

Model: Skytrax 200




Dual Band ADS-B Receiver

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  • The Avidyne SkyTrax200’s weather and dual-band traffic can be displayed on Avidyne’s IFD-Series GPS/NAV/COMs and also on Avidyne EX500, EX600 or EX5000 Multi-Function displays (MFD) and Entegra R9 integrated flight deck systems

  • Supports standard Capstone and Arinc 429/735 interfaces and can also be interfaced with a wide variety of standards-based traffic displays

  • Direct line-of-sight reception of ADS-B Traffic targets via 1090MHz or 978MHz

  • Receives FIS-B Weather via 978 MHz (U.S. Airspace)

  • Receives non-ADS-B (Transponder-equipped) traffic via TIS-B (U.S. Airspace)

  • Display ports for ADS-B Traffic (Arinc 429 & RS232)

  • Has An Internal WAAS GPS

  • Requires An Approved WAAS GPS Source For ADS-B OUT


DIMESION: 7.28” (185mm) - Including mounting bracket weight: 1.40 lbs (0.64 kg) - excluding cables
ENVIRONMENTAL Temp : -20 to +55°C HEIGHT: 2.04” (52mm) 
DEPTH: 6.20” (158mm) Type: 978MHz TSO Rule Compliant ADS-B IN
Certification: TSO-C154c, RTCA/DO-282B VOLTAGE: 9-33VDC
INPUT CURRENT: (8W nominal): 0.6A @ 14VDC, 0.41A @ 28VDC    



Part Number: Description:
850-00228-100 Dual Band ADS-B Receiver




- Dual Band ADS-B Receiver
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