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Part #: 101-00164-405

Model: 1811D-405






Pitot Static Test Set

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Barfield Precision Electronics - formerly Precision Electronics




  • The Barfield 1811D Pitot Static Test Set is housed in a plastic carrying case
  • Portable self-contained field tester that's designed to test aircraft pitot and static systems for leaksand operation and calibration of airspeed 
  • Tests altimeter, engine pressure ratio, manifold pressure indicators, and other vacuum or low pressure units
  • Test set includes, 25-ft hoses, Pitot mast adapter, 2423F static port adapter kit
  • Ideal for flightline calibration checks and troubleshooting
  • Performs precision Pitot-Static leak tests
  • Two-instrument combination with optional ranges
  • Correction cards for all analog instruments
  • Fully portable and self-contained (No electric or external pressure sources needed)
  • Lightweight plastic case for portability
  • Analog instruments contain two indications (altitude, airspeed)
weight: 18 lbs. DIMENSIONS: 18 x 12 x 11.3 in.
OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0ºC to 50ºC Pneumatic connections:: Pitot, static
Gauges: Altimeter, airspeed    
Part Number: Description:
101-00164-405 Pitot Static Test Set


- Pitot/Static Tester (60-420kts, 35k ft.)

NSN: 6625-01-518-4437

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