Part #: 071-01548-1200

Model: ANT-67A






TCAS Antenna

Part Number :



  • Directional TCAS antenna used with Honeywell CAS-66A and CAS-67A TCAS I & II systems
  • Can be used as top-mounted directional antenna and bottom-mounted installation
  • Top-mounted always required in TCAS II system, bottom-mounted antenna may be used for intruder bearing
  • Teardrop, flat shape
  • Available with 1.5" or 0.73" coax connectors (see table below)
  • Four-element passive array
  • Screw mounted to aircraft fuselage (4 screws)
  • Radiates 1030 Mhz, pulse-modulated input from TPU-67A processor
  • Detects radiated 1090 MHz, pulse-modulated signals
  • Antenna adapter plates needed when mounting to curved surface (P/N 047-50357-0001,2,34)
  • Sensor Systems PN S72-1735
  • Sensor Systems PN S72-1735-3



Size: 11.00"L x 1.36"H x 6.25"W Weight: 1.82 lbs.
Form factor: ARINC 735 (teardrop) Altitude: Category F2 55000 ft.
Exterior Material: High-strength composite Temp Range: -55 to 70C (operating)
TSO: C118, C119a Polarization: Vertical
Power Requirements: None Pressurization: Withstands pressure differential of 25 PSIA
Lightning Protection: Meets swept zone 2A lightning strike requirements Input Port VSWR: 1.35:1 max
Max Peak Input Power: 1000w pulsed Max Avg Input Power: 10w continuous
Part Number: Description:
071-01548-0100 White Teardrop, 1.5" long coax connectors
071-01548-0200 White Teardrop, 0.73" short coax connectors
071-01548-1200 Black Teardrop, 0.73" short coax connectors




- S72-1735 TCAS Antenna

NSN: 5985-01-552-0492

Price Condition Status
- S72-1735-3 TCAS Antenna
Price Condition Status
- TCAS Antenna (Flat Black)
Price Condition Status

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A radius adapter (P/N 047-50357-000X) is required for mounting the antenna on a curved surface. This radius adapter must be used on curved mounting surfaces to minimize side-element distortion and insure optimum bearing accuracy.
TCAS II is a system used for detecting and tracking aircraft in the area of an aircraft. TCAS interrogates transponders in other aircraft and analyzes the replies to determine range, bearing, and relative altitude (if reporting) of the intruder aircraft. When the TCAS II processor determines that a potential collision hazard exists, it will issue visual and audio advisories to the pilot/copilot for appropriate vertical avoidance maneuvers. TCAS is not able to detect aircraft without an operating ATCRBS transponder (operating in Mode A and C) or a Mode S transponder.
TCAS II utilizes two types of cockpit displays, Resolution Advisory (RA) and Traffic Advisory (TA) display. The RA is incorporated into the vertical speed indicator (VSI). With illuminating red and green arcs around the dial, the VSI displays the required rate, or limitation of climb or descent, to avoid a collision. The TA display shows the intruding aircraft’s relative position and altitude with a trend arrow to indicate if it is climbing or descending greater than 500 feet per minute. The TA display may be presented on compatible weather radar indicator or MFD, dedicated TCAS display or a TA/VSI display. The TA display uses symbols and colors to identify the relative threat of each intruder. Supplementing the displays, TCAS II provides appropriate synthesized voice announcements.
As the only official service facility that can certify the ANT-67A TCAS antenna, Honeywell does not and will not refurbish a used ANT-67A antenna. Southeast Aerospace will make an effort to clean up and improve the appearance of the used antenna. However, if the lower priced Serviceable (not New) ANT-67A is desired, then please note the appearance of the unit may be the same as it was when removed from the aircraft.
While most TCAS I and TCAS II antennas are manufactured by Sensor Systems for other manufacturers, they all possess different part numbers and models numbers. Some even will indicate a Sensor Systems part number. However, that number indicates proprietary part number and status that Sensor Systems will have with the manufacturers such as Honeywell and L3. You cannot purchase the TCAS antenna with the Sensor Systems part number direct from Sensor Systems.

Regarding interchangeability, there are very similar characteristics between the various TCAS antennas. However, it is not so much the functionality characteristics that determine the interchangeability as it is the certification. That is, since an L3 antenna part number will not be listed in a Honeywell TCAS STC installation manual, you cannot substitute one for the other.
The only difference between the ANT-67A P/N 071-01548-0100 and 071-01548-0200 is the length of the coax connectors. The -0100 has coax connectors 1.50" long and the -0200 has connectors .73" long.