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Part #: 071-50001-8102

Model: ANT-81A






TCAS Antenna

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  • Directional Antenna Array
  • A passive, four-element phased array
  • Used to receive and provide directional information for 1090 MHz Mode S squitters, Mode S,
    and air traffic control beacon systems (ATCRBS) replies
  • Proper phasing of the four antenna elements provides for omni or directional transmission of 1030 MHz broadcast or coordination messages and ATCRBS or Mode S interrogations
  • Antenna certified for use with the CAS 81 and CAS 100 systems 



Size: 1" H x 4.5" W x 11" L Weight: Max 2 lbs
TSO Compliance: C118 and C119A Altitude: Maximum Altitude of 50,000 ft
Power Requirements: None Temperature Range:  Operating: -55°C to +70°C, Storage: -55°C to +85°C
Environmental Tolerance: All Applicable TSO Categories tested in Accordance with DO-160B Exterior Exposed Volume: 57.8 Cubic Inches
Mounting: Mounting per ARINC 735A; directly to aircraft Exterior Material:   High Strength Composite - special leading edge boot                
# of Antenna Array Elements: 4 Polarization: Vertical
Transmission Frequency: 1030 ± 1 MHz Receiving Frequency: 1090 ± 3 MHz
Part Number: Description:
071-50001-8102 White, 4-Hole Mount, Flat Base
071-50001-8104 White, 8-Hole Mount, Curved Base, Airbus Specific
071-50001-8105 Grey, 4-Hole Mount, Military Specific


- TCAS Antenna

NSN: 5985-01-372-0464

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While most TCAS I and TCAS II antennas are manufactured by Sensor Systems for other manufacturers, they all possess different part numbers and models numbers. Some even will indicate a Sensor Systems part number. However, that number indicates proprietary part number and status that Sensor Systems will have with the manufacturers such as Honeywell and L3. You cannot purchase the TCAS antenna with the Sensor Systems part number direct from Sensor Systems.

Regarding interchangeability, there are very similar characteristics between the various TCAS antennas. However, it is not so much the functionality characteristics that determine the interchangeability as it is the certification. That is, since an L3 antenna part number will not be listed in a Honeywell TCAS STC installation manual, you cannot substitute one for the other.

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