Part #: 071-00097-0100

Model: CM-2000






Configuration Module

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071-00097-0100 Configuration Module


Serial # CM2000-30440
Condition NEW
Mods 1
Tag Date 04/01/15
Shop Honeywell International Inc.
Warranty 1 Year
Serial # CM2000-30578
Condition NEW
Mods -
Tag Date 04/01/15
Shop Honeywell International Inc.
Warranty 1 Year
- Configuration Module

NSN: 5963-01-467-8073

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The CM-2000 Configuration Module saves the configuration and calibration information for the ART-2000/RDR-2000 system. The module can be programmed with configuration data via EFIS-40/50 with EFIS software level 09 or higher. Otherwise, the Configuration Module must be programmed with configuration data outside the system using the KPA-900 Configuration Module Programmer Kit #P/N 050-03311-0003# with a personal computer. All calibration data is programmed with the module in the system regardless of the type of installation.

Please note that while the CM-2000 configuration modules stores certain aircraft specific parameters that are utilized by the system, other adjustments and settings must be made in the system following installation. Please refer to the RDR-2000 Installation Manual for complete details on the proper way to configure the RDR-2000 / ART-2000 system.
When an Analog Gyro Source is interfaced to the ART-2000 or ART-21000 for stabilization, there is a parameter on the CM-2000 programming for Analog Gyro Compensation.

The reference voltage for some analog gyros decreases in operation. The decreased voltage is more noticeable under heavier loads. When the voltage decreases, the pitch and roll gain values are too high. The "Compensate for Ref Drop" option should be selected to set the gain values in ratio of the initial reference voltage to the current reference voltage. This will monitor the 400Hz Ref and as loads are added that cause ref voltage to drop it compensates.

In almost all cases, the "compensate for ref drop" should be and can be selected in case of a voltage drop from the gyro.