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Picture of product KA-120

Part #: 066-1089-00

Model: KA-120




DME/GS Adapter

Part Number :



  • Code conversion unit that accepts serial tuning information from one or two nav receivers and generates two sets of parallel information
  • One set of parallel tuning information is for DME and one set for Glideslope
  • Possible code formats are ARINC 2x5 or Bendix/King Slip code for DME and Bendix/King 4x5 or ARINC 2x5 for glideslope
  • Either parallel output can be tuned from either serial input or both outputs can be tuned from the same input
  • Both parallel outputs can be placed in high impedance state for paralleling with other controls
  • Provides a hold function that latches DME parallel information if DME tuning info is lost while in hold mode
  • Will operate from either 14 or 28VDC
  • May be mounted vertically or horizontally


Dimensions: 1.07H" x 4.00"W x 6.75"L Weight: 1.0 lbs. (.454kg)
Temperature: -55 to 70C Power: 27.5VDC max current 0.20 amps 13.75VDC max current 0.20 amps
TSO: DME C66b, GS C34c Environmental: DO-160A Cat. A2D2/A/MNO/XXXXXXZ/BZ/AB/BZ/A
Part Number:  Description:
066-1089-00 DME/GS Adapter


Serial # 2204
Condition SVC
Mods 1
Tag Date 12/11/15
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- DME/GS Adapter
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Yes. Southeast Aerospace recommends that Service bulletin 1 and 2 be complied with on the KA-120 when the adapter is being installed on a new installation.

Service Bulletin 1 corrects an impedance mismatch between the new generation KX-155 and KX-165 Nav/Comms that utilize surface mount technology. KA-120 with serial number 1845 and above have Service Bulletin 1 incorporated during original manufacturing. The cost to add SB 1 is approximately $200.

Service Bulletin 2 corrects a serial tuning bus incompatibility when interfacing the KA-120 with a KX-125 and with new generation KX-155 and KX-165 surface mount units (post Mod 16 units). KA-120 with serial number 2819 and above have Service Bulletin 2 incorporated during original manufacturing. Honeywell does offer warranty credit for any KA-120 S/N 2818 and below that requires this modification. An authorized Honeywell Service Center must perform the modification and submit the warranty claim.