Part #: 071-2009-12

Model: KA-134




Audio Panel

Part Number :





  • Solid state unit containing functions of an isolation transformer and an audio control panel
  • Models available that operate on 14 or 28 volt without power supply section (see table below)
  • International models available with third COMM switching function for HF transceiver operation (labeled HF instead of EXT, no electrical changes) [see table below]
  • Push-button selection
  • Flat pack configuration measures only 1 inch in height
  • Can be integrated into 500 ohm output audio system
  • Can control as many as 3 transceivers and 5 receivers
  • Can be used as passenger address, ramp hailer, or intercom
  • Can be coupled with KR-22 Marker Beacon Receiver/Lights to provide complete audio panel/marker package
  • 14 or 28 volt operation
  • TSO'd


Size: 6.32"W x 1.00"H x 6.00"L Weight: 0.8 lbs.
TSO Compliance: C50b; Class 3 or 4 Env. Cat. A1D1/A/PS/XXXXXXABBBA Controls: Panel mounted with 10 color codes pushbuttons (Silver Crown models only)
Frequency Response: Within 6dB from 350 to 3000Hz Distortion: Less than 20% at fully rated output
Inputs: Up to 3 transceivers: 5 switched receivers, 3 unswitched receivers, 2 microphones Audio Input Impedance: 500 Ohms
Input Isolation: 40dB between input channels Muting: Better than 25dB when keyed
Part Number: Description:
071-2009-00 14V, requires power supply section for 28V operation, Audio Panel
071-2009-01 International version of -00, Audio Panel
071-2009-02 14 or 28V, does not require power supply section for 28V input, Audio Panel
071-2009-03 International version of -02, Audio Panel
071-2009-12 Crown series version of -02 model with solid black face with all black pushbuttons instead of yellow and white buttons on all other versions, Audio Panel


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