Part #: 071-1234-02

Model: KA-44B






ADF Antenna

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  • Combined loop/sense ADF antenna for use with KR-87 and KDF-806 ADF receivers, KI-227/228 ADF indicator
  • Similar to KA-44 ADF blade antenna but has low profile design
  • Contains preamplifier and modulator circuits which combine antenna signals into a single signal input to the receiver
  • Models available with grounding ring and vertically accessible QE adjust (see table below)



Vertical Height: 2.1 in. Weight: 4.2 lbs.
TSO Compliance: TSO C41c Class A, DO-160 Env. Cat B2D2/A/LJY/XXXXXX/ABABA Humidity: 95% + RH at 50C for 48 hours
Power Requirements: 9VDC at 80mA max (supplied by KR-87)    
SEE ALSO KR-87, KI-227, KI-228      
Part Number: Description:
071-1234-00 Combined loop and sense, low profile design, ADF Antenna
071-1234-01 Same as -00; original production included grounding ring when ordered New, ADF Antenna
071-1234-02 Same as -00 but has the QE adjust accessible vertically, ADF Antenna


Serial # KA44B-A87197
Condition SV
Mods None
Tag Date 06/02/23
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
Serial # 77056
Condition SV
Mods None
Tag Date 09/02/20
Shop Southeast Aerospace Inc.
Warranty 6 Months
- ADF Antenna

NSN: 5985-01-287-3742

Price Condition Status
- ADF Antenna
Price Condition Status
- ADF Antenna
Price Condition Status

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No, common ADF systems such as the Bendix/King KR-87, KDF-806 and Collins ADF-60A, ADF-650A utilize their own unique antennas within the systems (i.e. KA-44B, ANT-60A/B, ANT-650A respectively). In addition, in most cases, these antennas are different sizes and have different hole patterns from each other.
None, they represent the same unit. Original King Radio part numbers were 9 digits. For example, 066-3056-01. During the Bendix and King merger (i.e. Bendix/King), a new part numbering system was created that converted these 9 digit part numbers to 12 digits. Therefore, 066-3056-01 became 066-03056-0001. Despite this numbering change, units that were originally from the King Radio design still have the 9 digit part number format on the unit dataplate. The 12 digit format for King units appears to be used for catalog and internal Honeywell purposes only. Therefore, any unit that has a zero in its third to last number (i.e. XXX-XXXX-X0XX) has a 9 digit part number (i.e. XXX-XXXX-XXX) on its dataplate / ID Plate.
In January 1989 Bendix/King changed from a nine digit to a twelve digit part numbering system. The new, larger 12 digit numbers allowed for the inclusion of software version into the last two digits of the part number for certain units in which software changed frequently such as EFIS and TCAS processors. Therefore, the two digits immediately preceding the software version indicate the hardware version of the unit.

Different software versions imply different operational features and/or interface capabilities and software modifications imply software repairs (bug fixes) to insure proper operation of these features and interfaces. Software version upgrades frequently require hardware modifications to the unit. Such hardware modifications accompanying software version upgrades do not necessarily change the hardware version of the unit.
QE or Quadrantal Error refers to any directional errors in the North, East, South, West quadrants that may exist due to the shape of the aircraft. Most ADF systems are factory adjusted to compensate for the average amount of quadrantal error. Therefore, little or no QE compensation adjustment should be required. If an error is encountered, a procedure of turning the aircraft and comparing the ADF indicator with a directional gyro or compass to determine the error is performed. This procedure will be detailed in the installation manual.
If Quadrantal Error or QE exists in the KR-87 system, all KA-44B antennas have a compensation potentiometer to allow for adjustment. On the KA-44B P/N 071-1234-00 and -01 versions, the QE compensation pot is located to the side of antenna connector. On the KA-44B P/N 071-1234-02, the QE pot is accessible vertical from the surface just above and to the side of the connector.
In relation to the actual antenna assembly and function, there is no difference between the KA-44B P/N 071-1234-00 and 071-1234-01. When the KA-44B -01 originally shipped New from the factory, it included a grounding ring. This grounding ring can be obtained separately and is only listed in the installation manual. The grounding ring is not part permanently attached to the 071-1234-01 assembly and is not part of the -01 bill of materials.